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Kanye West shares how much he made from 'terrible' Super Bowl advert he spent millions on
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Kanye West

Kanye West shares how much he made from 'terrible' Super Bowl advert he spent millions on

The rapper 'put everything' into his Superbowl commercial, which was filmed on his phone in the back of a car.

It costs a pretty penny to have your commercial play on the Super Bowl screens.

With 123 million viewers tuned in to this years game, it's Ye's submission that has gained attention after his advert has been dubbed 'weird' and 'the worst Super Bowl advert ever.'

Ye was 'two months away from going bankrupt' in 2022 after multiple companies pulled out of their partnership deal with him after his anti-semitic remarks and promotion of 'White Lives Matter' which led to outrage.

Kanye is said to 'have poured everything' into his commercial this year, despite the clip being filmed in selfie-mode in the backseat of a car.

He is said to have spent $7 million on his Super Bowl slot, in which he plugged his clothing line, Yeezy, and his upcoming album, Vultures.

"I'm just be honest with y'all. I was two months from going bankrupt, and I put everything I had into it [the album and the Super Bowl advert]," he told TMZ.

Although a risky move, the idea seemed to have paid off for the rapper after his album later reached number one in 100 countries, and made Ye $19.3million from the advert.

The rapper spent 7 million on the advert.
Kanye West

As Ye's wealth originally started to plummet, he decided to move to Italy with wife, Bianca Censori.

"We moved to Italy. We moved to the factories, and we survived. We survived through the cancellation. We're back number one," he said.

Companies usually spend millions just to get their product on a 30-second advert during the most watched game every year, with many companies paying over 7 million, which works out to a eye-watering $233,333 per second.

The exact number of ads aired during the Super Bowl varies year by year, but recently there have been around 70 spaces up for grabs, which companies will happily pay for.

Peter Koeppel, founder and president of marketing agency Koeppel Direct, explained in 2019 why companies are so happy to pay for a slot, saying: "Even though a Super Bowl advertising campaign might not pay immediately in hard dollars and cents, if a business can afford to produce one of these stellar spots, they stand to earn new customers and build awareness on a scale unmatched by other outlets."

A breakdown of his earnings.

While companies will usually create lurid, high-tech adverts for their slot, Ye decided to go another way, explaining with his usual transparency, saying to camera: "Hey y’all, this is Ye, and this is my commercial. And since we spent all the money on the commercial spot, we actually — we didn’t spend any money on the actual commercial.”

The father-of-four then said he wanted viewers to head to before spelling out the website name for clarity.

“I’m gonna write it at the bottom of the screen,” he added. “And I got some shoes and mmm that’s it.”

Short and sweet, guess it works?

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