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Jonathan Majors’ texts revealed amid ongoing domestic violence trial
Featured Image Credit: MEGA/GC Images/Getty / Michael Tullberg/FilmMagic/Getty

Jonathan Majors’ texts revealed amid ongoing domestic violence trial

Jonathan Majors is currently on trial after being accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

Text messages between Jonathan Major and his ex-girlfriend have been shown in court amid the actor's domestic violence trial.

The Creed III star is currently facing charges of assault in the third degree with intent to cause physical injury, assault in the third degree recklessly causing physical injury, aggravated harassment in the second degree and harassment in the second degree.

Majors and Grace Jabbari had been dating for around two years up until the MCU star's arrest in March of this year.

New York Police Department officers had responded to a 911 call at an apartment in New York City's Chelsea neighbourhood at around 11am on March 25, in which a 33-year-old man was allegedly involved in a domestic dispute with a 30-year-old woman.

Responding officers said they found a woman who'd informed police she was 'assaulted', according to a statement from the NYPD.

It's also been alleged that it was Majors who rang emergency services, according to police sources.

Priya Chaudhry, a lawyer for Majors, has denied any wrongdoing on behalf of the actor and assured that he is 'completely innocent'.

Major and Jabbari are said to have had an argument in the car after she saw text messages on Majors' phone from another woman, prosecutors claim.

Jonathan Majors pictured leaving court on Friday, December 8.
MEGA/GC Images

It was further alleged that the Loki star then picked up her and threw her 'like a football' into the backseat of the car.

Jabbari also claimed that 'there were multiple pushes, multiple injuries', and accused her ex of having a 'violent temper'.

The actress was later treated for injuries to her finger and ear at Bellevue Hospital by William K. Chiang, an ER physician.

At the the time, Jabbari told officers, whose body-camera footage was played to the court, that she couldn't remember how she'd sustained her injuries.

Now, text messages between Majors and Jabbari have been shown during the trial where Majors appeared to elude to an alleged previous altercation in September 2022.

"I fear you have no perspective of what could happen if you go to the hospital," one message to Jabbari from Majors read in regards to an apparent head injury she'd sustained.

"They will ask you questions, and as I don’t think you actually protect us, it could lead to an investigation even if you do lie, and they suspect something."

The Marvel star was arrested in March 2023.
Fatih Aktas/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Jabbari then appears to reassure Majors that she would tell doctors that she bumped her head and would allegedly not place any blame on him - with her message reading: "I will tell the doctor I bumped my head if I go. I’m going to give it one more day, but I can’t sleep and I need some stronger pain killers. "That’s all: why would I tell them what really happened when it’s clear I want to be with you?"

Prosecutors have also mentioned 'medical records from London related to an incident that occurred in September 2022', according to People.

Other text messages also saw Majors allegedly threaten to take his own life if Jabbari went to hospital for her injury, calling himself 'such a monster and horrible man'.

"I don't deserve it. And I should just kill myself. In this way, my existence is miserable, I want to die." the message said.

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