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John Krasinski has 'changed his face' to continue the 'funniest ever' US Office joke

John Krasinski has 'changed his face' to continue the 'funniest ever' US Office joke

John Krasinski enlisted the help of an old friend to promote his upcoming movie, IF

John Krasinski might have moved on since The Office, but he's still dedicated to delighting fans of the show with the help of an incredible Easter Egg.

The actor, who played Jim Halpert in The Office, is currently promoting his upcoming project IF (Imaginary Friends), which he both stars in and directed.

IF combines the imaginary and the real with the help of an all-star cast including Ryan Reynolds, who appeared in a video this week to help raise hype for the upcoming film.

But the Deadpool star didn't get very far into his promotional speech before he was interrupted by another star, who sat down and introduced himself as 'John Krasinski, the director and star' of the movie.

It only takes one look at the screen to see that the person speaking isn't John Krasinski, but if you know, then you know.

The person claiming to be Krasinski was actually Randall Park, and anyone who's watched The Office will know exactly why he could get away with calling himself Krasinski.

Ryan Reynolds was entirely baffled by the swap.

"Omg, this is too good of a crossover with the Office! Way to go, John!," one in-the-know fan commented.

Another wrote: "lol what a deep cut from the office this joke is."

The Easter Egg stems from a cold open of an episode of The Office's ninth season, when Jim's desk-mate Dwight comes to work and is baffled to see Park sitting in Jim's seat, pretending to be Jim.

Park, who plays an 'actor friend' of Jim's in the series, goes all-in for the role, even replacing Jim in family photos and kissing his wife, Pam, much to Dwight's confusion.

Randall Park completely committed to the role.

Park proved that the years since he appeared on The Office have done nothing to prevent him from committing to a role, as he appeared completely baffled when Reynolds tried to tell him that Krasinski was 'much shorter and less Asian' than him.

"Ryan, I know it's been a while since we shot but we spent like four months together, like 10 hour days," Park responded.

If you know, you know.

The actor went on to claim he was married to Emily Blunt and born in Boston, facts which are both true of Krasinski, before launching into a full explanation of when he came up with the idea for IF.

Krasinski adopted the same level of commitment after Park replaced him in the video with Reynolds by changing his Instagram profile picture to show Park's face, instead of his own.

Fans can't get enough of the prank, with one person describing it as 'the greatest marketing I've ever seen'.

Featured Image Credit: Paramount/NBC

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