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Jeff Bezos shares his horrifying dream for what human life will look like in the future
Featured Image Credit: Lex Fridman Podcast/Marco Di Lauro / Stringer

Jeff Bezos shares his horrifying dream for what human life will look like in the future

The Amazon and Blue Origin founder discussed his hope for humanity last year.

Jeff Bezos has detailed exactly how he wants humanity to look in the future, and the answer is definitely out of this world.

You may know Bezos, 60, as Amazon’s founder and executive chairman but back in 2000 he also launched the aerospace manufacturing company, Blue Origin.

If you’re unfamiliar then all you need to know is that the company currently has four rocket engines in production and is the second provider of NASA’s successful Artemis programme.

In 2021, the billionaire himself took an 11-minute jaunt to suborbital space in his own rocket ship, New Shepard, which he later branded the ‘best day ever’.

Since then, Blue Origin has launched another 30 people into space, including Star Trek actor William Shatner and Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan.

Last December, Bezos appeared on Lex Fridman's popular podcast to discuss the future of his aerospace company.

During the candid conversation, he disclosed his Space-based dreams involving humanity in the distant future.

Fridman, 40, broached the topic by posing the question: “When you look up at the stars and think big, what do you hope is the future of humanity, hundreds and thousands of years from now out in space?”

In reply, Bezos said: “I would love to see a trillion humans living in the solar system.

“If we had a trillion humans, we would have, at any given time, 1,000 Mozarts and 1,000 Einsteins.

Jeff Bezos wants 'trillions' of people to live in space stations.
The Lex Fridman Podcast/YouTube

“That and our solar system be full of life and intelligence and energy. And we can easily support a civilisation that large with all of the resources in the solar system.”

When asked by the host what his vision looks like, the Albuquerque-born businessman said humanity should start by ‘building giant space stations’.

“The planetary surfaces are just way too small unless you turn them into giant space stations or something.

“We will take materials from the moon and near-Earth objects and the asteroid belt and so on and build giant colonies and people will live in those.”

Bezos alleged that living in a space station will have advantages over dwelling on a planetary surface, including being able to put them where you want them.

He also said that he believes most people will want to live in the vicinity of Earth, and that humans probably won’t want to give up the planet in the early stages of space living.

He added that in the future people will be able to choose whether they make their life up in the stars or put down roots on the ground.

A clip of the podcast conversation has been posted on YouTube and platform users have come out to have their say.

One viewer wrote: “Billionaires who own rocket ship companies trying to sell the world on space living is one of the silliest ideas ever that is somewhat widely accepted.”

A second typed: “Trillions in solar system alone? Then we have to live in the gas moons of the giants.”

“I want a Trillion humans living in the Solar System....and working for Amazon,” joked another.

You can listen to Jeff Bezos’ conversation on the Lex Fridman Podcast now.

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