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Jason Bateman had 'full meltdown' during interview with Matthew McConaughey

Jason Bateman had 'full meltdown' during interview with Matthew McConaughey

Jason Bateman admitted to being in a 'tailspin' when an interview with Matthew McConaughey didn't go as planned on his podcast

Now we've all had bad days at the office, and Jason Bateman had a shocker after having a full blown 'meltdown' ahead of interviewing fellow actor Matthew McConaughey.

Bateman hosts a podcast titled Smartless alongside Will Arnett and Sean Hayes and, on a recent episode, the trio reminisced when Bateman put himself into a 'tailspin'.

The three stars interviewed McConaughey for an episode that was released on Monday (September 18) - but it wasn't the first time he'd been on Smartless.

In fact, Arnett, Bateman and Hayes tried to interview the Dallas Buyers Club actor two years prior. However, things didn't go to plan.

Making light of the situation when chatting McConaughey again, Arnett treated listeners to a playback of Bateman at the time of their initial chat with the star, where he questioned 'who the f**k is that?' when he heard McConaughey on the line.

In the clip, Hayes and Arnett, both 53, were chatting to McConaughey as they explained that Ozark star Bateman was having tech issues.

Bateman eventually joined the conversation and said he was still having problems.

"Let's cancel," he said, not realising McConaughey was online. "Let's reschedule this thing. I'm in a total f**king tailspin."

Will Arnett and Jason Bateman host a podcast alongside fellow actor Sean Hayes.

McConaughey can then be heard in fits on laughter.

Bateman, 54, was still unaware there was another person listening in, and he angrily asked: "Who the f**k is that?"

"Great, that's helpful," he said sarcastically as McConaughey continued to chuckle and then 'rage quit' the chat.

Eventually the hosts realised it was their guest who was laughing away merrily and McConaughey continued to poke fun at the situation - Bateman's meltdown in particular.

Cutting to the present day on their podcast, the foursome continued to laugh about the ordeal as Bateman labelled it as 'mortifying'.

On a more serious note, elsewhere in the interview 53-year-old McConaughey reflected on his decision to stop dodging the paparazzi.

Matthew McConaughey found Bateman's meltdown very entertaining.
Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images

He said: "I was like, ‘Bulls**t, this is too much work'.

"Look, I mean, I’m still measured about what I share. I just have, my mind’s quicker to notice as it’s coming out of my mouth - ooh, I could say something right now that I know would be in bold print, and as it’s coming out of my mouth, I catch myself and go: Let me dovetail that a hair."

McConaughey added that it look 'years of getting there'.

They also discussed the How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days star's new children's book titled Just Because.

Featured Image Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Stringer/Instagram/Matthew McConaughey

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