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Matthew McConaughey ruthlessly mocks Jason Bateman after actor has 'meltdown' in interview with him

Matthew McConaughey ruthlessly mocks Jason Bateman after actor has 'meltdown' in interview with him

Matthew McConaughey took the total p*ss out of his friend and fellow actor Jason Bateman after his podcast interview went wrong

A sign of a good friendship is being able to take the p*ss out of one another and, after Matthew McConaughey's feature on Jason Bateman's podcast, it's safe to say the pair are pretty good pals.

McConaughey recently featured on Bateman's podcast Smartless, which he hosts alongside Sean Hayes and his Arrested Development co-star, Will Arnett.

But their chat wasn't the first time McConaughey has been on Smartless, he'd actually been lined up for an interview two years prior - however, it all went t*ts up.

Bateman was experiencing technical issues at the time of the original call and didn't realise McConaughey was on the line when he went into a full blown meltdown.

Arnett treated their podcast listeners to a snippet of their call to hear Bateman's 'tailspin'.

Jason Bateman said the interview 'wasn't one of his prouder moments'.
Bruce Glikas/WireImage

"Let's cancel," Bateman said to his fellow podcast co-hosts when he finally managed to get onto the call, not realising McConaughey was also on the line.

"Let's reschedule this thing. I'm in a total f**king tailspin."

The Wolf of Wall Street's McConaughey then couldn't contain his laughter.

"Who the f**k is that?" Bateman fumed.

"Great, that's helpful," he went on as McConaughey continued to chuckle.

Bateman then 'rage quit' the chat in a huff as Arnett and Hayes clicked that it was their guest who was laughing.

Making light of the fact that the interview was, well, a bit of a sh*t show, McConaughey then listed the excuses he'd heard over the last 30 minutes.

Fast forward to the present day chat and McConaughey went to say how funny it all was, but the funniest part was Bateman losing his sh*t.

Continuing to rip Bateman, McConaughey said: "You were going on and on and you went so long and [I thought], this is getting funnier and funnier and funnier."

Luckily for the podcasters, Matthew McConaughey found the ordeal hilarious.
Nathan Congleton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Evidently embarrassed by the comical ordeal, Ozark actor Bateman admitted it 'wasn't one of [his] prouder moments'.

Arnett said his co-host had a 'full meltdown' on the day, but insisted it had never happened before and hasn't happened since.

"I'm dumb and hotheaded. It's a great combo," Bateman went on to quip.

Bateman, Arnett and Hayes then proceeded to thank McConaughey for coming back on the show after his first 'absolute wipeout' of an experience two years prior.

Their guest took it all in his stride in true laid back McConaughey style, and hailed the incident as 'high quality entertainment' - and he's not wrong.

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