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Jaden Smith calls out ‘haters' for posting old photos of him before he hit the gym

Jaden Smith calls out ‘haters' for posting old photos of him before he hit the gym

The 25-year-old shared his weight gain after his parents held an 'intervention'

Jaden Smith has called out 'haters' for posting old photos of him before he changed his diet and started bulking up.

Jaden, 25, argued that people are allowed to go through different 'phases' of life as he drew attention to various photos of himself that have been shared online.

In 2019, Jaden's parents Will and Jada Pinkett Smith revealed they 'had a bit of an intervention' with their son because they realised he 'wasn't getting enough protein' through his vegan diet.

Pinkett Smith claimed her son was 'wasting away', adding: "He just looked drained. He was just depleted. He wasn't getting enough nutrients."

Jaden himself admitted that he rarely got through three meals a day during that period, explaining: "I've tried to eat vegan meals. I'll go vegan for a week or so, but for the past year I've been vegetarian.

"I was just eating, like, two meals a day, you know. And maybe one. Maybe just that one big meal and I'm like, 'Oh, you know, I didn't get around to it.'"

Jaden Smith changed his diet after speaking with doctors.

Two years later, Jaden revealed he began to work with doctors after the intervention, allowing him to 'really get my vitamins and get my supplements and protein shakes'.

He gained 10 pounds and was able to start putting on muscle, but photos of the Karate Kid actor shared online continued to draw attention to the period where he had less muscle.

Jaden took to X to share two photos of himself side-by-side; one in which he was slimmer, and a more recent photo showing the muscle he's built since changing his diet.

He criticized those who continue to post the older photos, writing: "Haters Will Post The One On The Left And Ignore The One On The Right. Like [vomit emoji], Damn Can A Man Have His Phases."

Jaden Smith called out the 'haters' sharing old photos.

Jaden's post has since been shared thousands of times, with many fans saying it was good to see how Jaden looked more recently.

"Glad you’re doing well Jaden," one fan commented, while another added: "What an incredible difference!"

Another praised Jaden for drawing attention to the old posts, writing: "glad you said this bc i’m tired of people pulling up the same pics from 2019 saying 'omg this is jaden now what happened to him?!'"

Though Jaden hasn't shared his workout routine with fans on social media, the musician has been sharing photos of himself more frequently in recent weeks, showing him travelling in Paris and showing off designer fashions.

Featured Image Credit: X/@jaden

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