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Hot Ones host Sean Evans is 'dating' porn star Melissa Stratton
Featured Image Credit: X/@KittyBaby_Cam

Hot Ones host Sean Evans is 'dating' porn star Melissa Stratton

Sean and Melissa were spotted hanging out in a number of images shared online

Chicken wings aren't the only part of Sean Evans' life heating up at the moment, as the Hot Ones host is reported to be dating adult film star Melissa Stratton.

Even if you don't recognize Evans' name, you'll probably recognize his face from sitting across the table from various celebrities, asking them questions while they eat chicken wings that get progressively hotter.

Evans has interviewed stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Sydney Sweeney, Steve-O and Gal Gadot while hosting the video series on the First We Feast YouTube channel, but now the attention is turning to the host himself.

Reports about Evans' dating life began to swirl after he was spotted with a number of famous faces as the Super Bowl took place in Vegas this weekend.

One person that Evans seemed to be spending a notable amount of time with was Stratton; an adult film star, cam girl and model.

Evans featured in a number of Stratton's social media posts over the weekend, with captions indicating the pair are more than friends.

“In great company,” the caption on one photo of the pair said, while another read: "The hottest."

Sean Evans and Melissa Stratton featured in a number of pictures together.

Stratton and Evans looked comfortable and cosy with each other in the images, so while they have not outright confirmed a relationship, fans online are convinced there's something going on between the pair.

“I guess you could say he got himself a hot one *wink wink*,” one joker said online.

Another replied to Stratton's post and wrote: "Wait you're dating the Hot Ones host?!"

Other fans have been left desperate to know more, with one writing: "I know it’s none of my business. But are y’all dating?"

Evans didn't share any pictures of himself with Stratton on social media, though he did share a number of posts from his trip to Vegas for the Super Bowl.

Sean Evans didn't share any pictures with Melissa.
YouTube/First We Feast

So while Evans hasn't been as open about his relationship with Stratton as the adult star has, sources familiar with the pair have shared their insights to their link, telling TMZ the pair struck up conversation over DMs in November.

They apparently went on to meet in person at the end of last year, and have since gone on to hang out together in a number of different cities.

Their rendezvous in Vegas is said to have come about after Evans invited Stratton to watch the Super Bowl because she's a huge fan of champions the Kansas City Chiefs.

UNILAD has reached out to representatives for Evans and Stratton for comment.

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