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Grimes has revealed she wants to die in space
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Grimes. Amy Sussman/WWD/Penske Media via Getty Images

Grimes has revealed she wants to die in space

The Canadian singer says the only reason she will stay on Earth is if she has to look after her and Elon Musk's children.

Grimes has revealed she wants to die in space.

While virtually every single person who has ever lived as died on Earth in some capacity, it seems there are some looking into the cosmos and wanting it be done there.

Enter Grimes, whose real name is Claire Boucher and is a Canadian musician.

She sat down with WIRED to talk about artificial intelligence, Elon Musk (she shares two children with the tech billionaire), her childhood and anything else on her mind.

When Grimes dated Musk, it was during a fairly incredible time for SpaceX and that got the 35-year-old interested in what the future might hold.

When asked whether she would one day like to visit space, she gave a rather morbid answer: "I hope to die in space."

She added: "I would like to go far enough out there to where my body could not handle coming back. So it would be closer to the end of my life. Maybe 65."

The singer said it would be cool to visit Mars as well and see the megastructures that humans might build on the red planet.

Who knows whether that will actually happen in the next three decades, though.

Another bucket list item for Claire is to 'go to exoplanets that can handle habitable life and engineer humans with AI optimized for those environments, because I’m sure they’ll be slightly different'.

But during the interview, she explained what would stop her from leaving Earth to pursue this dream in space.

'If there’s a real responsibility, like if my kids are having grandkids and really need me, I might change my mind," she said.

"But the preferred thing would be seeing some new worlds.

"I would like to move to Mars.

"But I have to wait till my kids are good. Like 25.

"I think if I died on Earth, in my last moments I would regret it.

"If I died in space, I would be like, You’ve lived a great life, you did all the things you wanted to do.'"

Elon Musk's SpaceX has a plan to put humans on Mars.

Earlier this year, the company released an animated clip that provides an idea of how we will reach the planet.

The SpaceX Starship will be able to carry up to 100 people to Mars on a journey that is 250 times further than the trip to the Moon.

This means passengers will be en route for around six months.

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