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Adult film star Emily Willis’ family start GoFundMe after hospitalization for ‘unforeseen battle’
Featured Image Credit: Unique Nicole/Getty Images / Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Adult film star Emily Willis’ family start GoFundMe after hospitalization for ‘unforeseen battle’

Emily's family says their world has been 'turned upside down'.

Emily Willis' family have created a GoFundMe page to help fund the adult film star's medical bills.

The porn star, who boasts over two million followers on Instagram, has recently hospitalized and now faces 'an incredibly tough and unforeseen battle'.

Her family have created a fundraising page in a bid to help them pay for Emily's care, which apparently she will need 'lots of'.

Porn star Emily Willis has been hospitalized.

Created on Saturday (March 2), they're hoping to raise $60,000. At the time of writing, over $15,000 has been raised so far.

"Dear Friends and Family," the fundraiser's bio began.

"With hearts heavier than we ever imagined possible, we find ourselves reaching out for support and care for our beloved Emily Willis—a cherished daughter, sister, and a beacon of light in the lives of all who know her.

"Recently, Emily's world, and ours, was turned upside down when she was admitted to the hospital, marking the beginning of an incredibly tough and unforeseen battle.

"With every ounce of her remarkable strength and bravery, Emily is fighting."

A GoFundMe page has been created by Emily's family.

It continued: "The path to recovery stretches far ahead of her, requiring lots of care. The weight of this position extends beyond the emotional and physical; it bears down upon us financially.

"With mounting medical bills, the necessities of travel, all while the regular flow of life's expenses continue."

Detailing what people's donations will go towards, Emily's family explained that it will help pay for medical bills, travel and accommodation, and bridging the financial gap while they take time off work to help the 25-year-old.

They went on to ask people to keep Emily in their thoughts to help her through her recovery.

Emily is a well-known adult film star.
Unique Nicole/Getty Images

On the GoFundMe page, people have been sending their well wishes to Emily and her family.

One person said: "Sending all my prayers and best wishes to Emily and her family. I have talked with her a few times and she seems like such a wonderful and genuine person. Love and peace to her."

A second added: "May your recovery be swift and complete. May you defiantly overcome the challenges that brought you to this point. Become well and happy."

"You have a terrific daughter and she is a wonderful friend I couldn't bare another day without knowing she doing better I feel it within my heart Emily is getting stronger," a third went on.

"Give her my love and tell her I've been praying for her and the family everyday."

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