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'Clueless' Elon Musk sent around a picture of Grimes having a c-section
Featured Image Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images / ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

'Clueless' Elon Musk sent around a picture of Grimes having a c-section

According to a new biography on the billionaire, Musk didn't understand why she was upset about it.

Elon Musk reportedly sent around a picture of Grimes having a c-section, a new biography on the billionaire has claimed.

This comes after the news that Musk, 52, and Grimes, 35, are also parents to a third child, Techno Mechanicus, or Tau, according to the upcoming biography, Elon Musk, by American author and journalist Walter Isaacson.

The pair, who were first romantically linked in 2018, went on to have two kids together; X Æ A-12, born in May 2020 and Exa Dark Sideræl, born in December 2021.

Musk said the pair were 'semi-separated' in September 2021.

Last month, Grimes - whose real name is Claire Elise Boucher - opened up about what it was like co-parenting with Musk.

She said: "I really care about having a very good relationship with my kids.

"I think I understand how to be a good parent to them. Both enforcing discipline and being their friend.

"Who knows, maybe they’ll resent me and reject family culture, but I feel like they will not."

Elsewhere in the book, the author claims Grimes told him that Musk took a photograph of her having a c-section when welcoming their first child, X, and sent it to her father and brothers.

Elon Musk sent around a picture of Grimes having a c-section, the singer claims in a new biography.

The Tesla boss also reportedly was unable to work out why his former partner was apparently upset by him sending the pic to her family members, with the singer saying: "[Musk] was just clueless about why I’d be upset."

In an recent interview with Wired, Grimes admitted that she's learnt a lot from her relationship with Musk.

"I learned from him, like, the best internship ever," she said.

"People don’t like talking about Elon, but it was incredible to be right there watching all that SpaceX stuff happen.

"That’s a master class in leadership and engineering and makes you understand how rare it is to have a leader of that quality."

According to the biography, Grimes says Musk was 'clueless' about why she was upset with the picture.

Commenting on his Twitter (X) takeover, she added: "I know, the stuff on Twitter doesn’t make it look like that. He didn’t build the culture there.

"And the cultural fit has obviously been very intense. He holds his people to really high standards. Watching him, I understand how difficult it is to be a great general and do something of that magnitude.

"Elon has an old-world kind of discipline I really respect. And I think it rubs a lot of people the wrong way. They don’t want to be in that hardcore zone.

"If you’re not consenting to being in that hardcore zone, I get it. But he’s challenged me a lot. I learned a lot about running my own team and my own life. I’m now way tougher and smarter than I used to be."

UNILAD has contacted representatives of Elon Musk for comment.

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