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Elizabeth Hurley's son Damian says 'twin-like' bond with his mom makes working together 'phenomenal'
Featured Image Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Gilbert Flores/WWD via Getty Images

Elizabeth Hurley's son Damian says 'twin-like' bond with his mom makes working together 'phenomenal'

The pair opened up about their relationship

Elizabeth Hurley and her son Damian have opened up about their close relationship.

The actor has recently featured in a film directed by her son called Strictly Confidential, which sees a mystery unfold in the Caribbean.

Elizabeth plays Lily, a wealthy woman who lost her daughter Rebecca after she drowned.

The actor called the role 'a bloody good part', adding: "To immerse yourself in this world, it's an adventure."

Her son Damian directed the film, a fact which has raised eyebrows when it emerged that this involved him directing his mom during a sex scene.

While working with family can sometimes be difficult, the Hurleys have revealed that it was a 'phenomenal' experience for them.

They put this down to the deep connection they have, which Damian described as 'twin-like'.

He told PEOPLE: “When you’re an only child with a single parent, the facade of ‘I’m the adult, and you’re the child who is going to listen to me’ goes quite fast."

Elizabeth and Damian Hurley.
Lionel Hahn/Getty Images

He added: “We are very, very similar. We are twin-like.”

Elizabeth opened up about the pair's relationship, including when she first got Damian a camcorder.

She said: “I gave him his first camcorder when he was around 8.

"And from that moment on, he filmed us nonstop. He wrote scripts. He bullied every friend and family member into making his mini-films.”

The actor recalls that she had said if he ever made a 'real movie' then she would be in it, adding that 'my bluff was called' with Strictly Confidential.

They also described how their relationship was even an asset on set.

Elizabeth features in a new film directed by Damian.
Raymond Hall/GC Images

Damian said: "When you're working on an independent film — we shot this entire thing in 18 days — every second counts, every moment matters. And so you need someone you have a shorthand with.”

His mom agreed, though she added this might make things tricky with people who aren't in on the 'shorthand'.

She said: “The beauty of having a shorthand with family is that you've got a shorthand with family.

"The tough thing about having shorthand with family is that you've got a shorthand with the family."

Strictly Confidential follows a mystery unravelling following the drowning of a woman in the Caribbean.

Family and friends return after she died, only for betrayals and ulterior motives to start bubbling to the surface.

Strictly Confidential is set for release on April 5.

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