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Elizabeth Hurley stars in steamy scene in trailer for her son’s new movie
Featured Image Credit: Lionsgate / Max Cisotti/Dave Benett/Getty Images

Elizabeth Hurley stars in steamy scene in trailer for her son’s new movie

The British actor starred in the mystery movie after making a promise to her son

Film fans have been given a glimpse at a steamy scene featuring British actor Elizabeth Hurley as she stars in a dramatic new movie directed by her son.

Hurley, 58, stars as Lily in the new movie which is set to be released next month and follows the story of a young woman (Georgia Lock) trying to uncover the mystery of her best friend Rebecca's death.

As a group of friends and loved ones gather at a luxurious, beach-side property to honor Rebecca, they find themselves wrapped up in a world of seduction - and that includes Hurley's character.

In the trailer, we see Lily address another character, Natasha, played by Pear Chiravara.

Natasha approaches Lily and tells her she 'never meant to hurt anyone', before turning up the heat with Lily by kissing her neck and touching her body.

Later in the trailer, a glimpse back to the steamy scene shows Lily embracing the seduction as she leans her head back while Natasha continues to caress her.

The steamy scene only gets more intense.
Lionsgate Pictures

Titled Strictly Confidential, the movie is both written and directed by Hurley's son, Damian Hurley, who is just 21 years old.

Some film fans have indicated that having Hurley star in the saucy scenes might have been strange for Damian, with one person commenting on the trailer to say, "so...we not gonna talk Elizabeth's son directing her in this movie and in ...that sexy scene with the girl and the...."

However, in an interview with People, Damian explained his mom had 'promised' years ago that she would star in his first film after having made a name for herself in titles like Austin Powers and Bedazzled.

He explained: "During the making of my first-ever short film back in 2010 when I was 8, my mother promised me she’d be in my first feature.

"True to her word, the minute Strictly Confidential was green-lit, my mother dropped everything and raced out to the Caribbean to help."

Elizabeth Hurley promised to star in her son's first movie.

Though Damian admitted there can be 'complicated' power dynamics between directors and actors, the filmmaker said it was a 'joy to come to work' with his mom on set.

Hurley stars in Strictly Confidential alongside Lauren McQueen, Genevieve Gaunt, Freddie Thorpe and Max Parker, as well as Chiravara and Lock.

Fans have expressed their excitement for the movie after the trailer dropped this week, with many praising Hurley's scenes.

"I would see this JUST for Liz Hurley," one viewer commented, while another wrote: "Hyped for it!"

Strictly Confidential is set to be released in select theatres on 5 April, as well as releasing on Prime Video and Apple TV.

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