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Dylan Mulvaney has left USA after no longer feeling safe there

Dylan Mulvaney has left USA after no longer feeling safe there

The influencer is 'so content' as she ditches home for solo traveling after months of backlash

Dylan Mulvaney has ditched being at home in the USA after saying she doesn’t ‘feel safe’ there.

The influencer has been at the centre of a storm of far-right backlash following her partnership with Bud Light in recent times.

Dylan created an Instagram video for the beer brand earlier this year but sadly, faced an onslaught of transphobic backlash - including men purchasing cans of the beer solely to destroy them in a ‘manly’ way.

After taking a break from social media, she recently posted a video claiming the company didn’t reach out to her and failed to stand by her.

Dylan said she’s ‘been scared to leave her house’ for months and now, she’s made the decision to leave the country to embark on a solo adventure.

She’s currently solo traveling in South America and at the moment is in Peru, where she says she went ‘to feel something’.

Unlike at home, Dylan says: “The people here are so kind. I feel very safe here, it’s a little sad that I had to leave my country to feel safe but that will get better eventually.”

Sharing TikToks of herself with llamas and visiting Machu Pichu, the influencer says: “I’ve done shaman ceremonies that were like 10 years’ worth of therapy – it was wild.”

Although she’s missing rolled chilli lime chips from Trader Joe’s, Dylan adds: “I am so content. Still haven’t been kissed yet but I’m holding out hope.

“And most of all, you know this trip just has me feeling like I’m my own best friend again, and that is the best feeling in the world.

“And I hope that you feel that way about yourself too.”

Dylan is solo travelling in Peru.

The influencer explained that solo traveling was something she used to do a ‘tonne’ of and recommends it as ‘good way to get to know yourself better’.

Dylan shot to fame on TikTok after openly detailing her gender transition in daily clips from early 2022.

She is a huge advocate for transgender rights and has well over 10 million followers on the platform, with her ‘Days of Girlhood’ series racking up over one billion views.

Fans gushed over her travelling videos saying they’re ‘happy to see her happy’, while others wished her ‘safe travels’ and called her a ‘ray of sunshine’.

While same-sex partnerships are not recognised as marriage in Peru, people there are permitted to legally change their gender without surgery.

Fans wrote: “May this trip bring you peace you deserve it Dylan.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@dylanmulvaney

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