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Drew Barrymore shares video of herself watching one of her old films and everyone's saying the same thing

Drew Barrymore shares video of herself watching one of her old films and everyone's saying the same thing

Did you spot it?

Drew Barrymore shared a nostalgic moment with fans via social media.

The actress took to Instagram yesterday (January 10) as she watched her 1998 movie, The Wedding Singer.

She started in the cult classic film with Adam Sandler, and explained to her 17.3 million followers that she was getting ready to leave the house when it came up on her TV.

"I was on my way to yoga class, and I'm [now] taking the next, later one so I could watch it," Barrymore said to the camera.

Tagging Sandler in the video caption, the 48-year-old wrote: "I love you so much @adamsandler. The Wedding Singer came on my TV as I was getting ready to leave the house and I had to take in this moment and watch it."

Her co-star and friend of many years replied: "Love u always Drew. Happy New Year."

Dozens of others commented on the clip labelling the movie as one of the best films of all time, but there's been another topic of conversation - this one about the size of the actress' TV.

People couldn't help but raise questions about Barrymore's TV.

"Why is Drew Barrymore’s tv so small and bad. What’s going on. I’m unsettled," wrote one person on X.

Someone replied: "When I saw her post this I thought the same thing!!"

"This tv is so tiny," another went on, as others compared it to the iconic episode from The Office when Michael Scott proudly debuts his new (and tiny) wall-mounted TV.

Meanwhile, different people suggested that she might be in an Airbnb or another form of rented accommodation rather than being in her actual home.

Barrymore, who hosts her own chat show titled The Drew Barrymore Show (imaginative, I know), recently got people talking after kissing Matt Bomer on the programme.

Drew Barrymore hosts her how chat show.
James Devaney/GC Images

Bomer was joined by his Fellow Travellers co-star and Bridgerton favorite, Jonathan Bailey.

Gushing over how 'hot' Bomer was, Barrymore went on to share that the two stars have kissed the same person - that person being Andrew Rannells.

"I'm proud to say that we actually kissed the same man," she bragged.

Bomer responded by suggesting that they 'round it out', adding: "We have to close the circle."

The pair then shared a kiss together, before falling back into their seats.

While the two celebrities seemed to enjoy the kiss, the moment was labelled as 'uncomfortable' by some viewers.

Let's keep it PG, folks.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@drewbarrymore

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