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Drew Barrymore praised after showing fans inside her ‘normal’ home

Drew Barrymore praised after showing fans inside her ‘normal’ home

The star of Charlie's Angels gave fans a sneak peak inside her New York home

Fans of Drew Barrymore have praised her after she offered them a glimpse inside her home.

The star of Charlie's Angels treated viewers to a glimpse inside her home while she carried out some spring cleaning.

Barrymore is widely-loved for her many iconic roles over the years, but now fans are going wild after she showed off her surprisingly small TV and simple home set-up.

She spends her time between Manhattan and the Hamptons, having relocated from Los Angeles so her kids can be nearer their dad, her ex Will Kopelman, and his family.

She told the LA Times in a 2023 interview that she's sure she'll return to LA at some point and New York 'is just a chapter'.

Fans, however, are delighted by Barrymore's New York flat, and she's given them a more detailed look at her kitchen.

You might think that the kitchen belonging to a Hollywood actor would be full to the brim of the very latest gadgets - a self-cleaning oven or a particularly sleek sink.

But, as you might expect from Drew's other recent videos, the reality was very different.

Drew Barrymore posted the video while carrying out a spring clean. (TikTok/drewbarrymore)
Drew Barrymore posted the video while carrying out a spring clean. (TikTok/drewbarrymore)

Drew - who is reportedly worth around $125 million - reposted the video as she started doing spring cleaning for the year, and fans were delighted to find she had a simple-looking gas stove.

“It’s spring cleaning, everybody. Look at that now-empty drawer. How can I edit?” Barrymore said.

Commenting on her stove, one wrote: “When you love Drew even more because of her stove!”

Meanwhile, another commented: "Your stove is so humble."

Fans were impressed with the stove. (TikTok / @drewbarrymore)
Fans were impressed with the stove. (TikTok / @drewbarrymore)

The video ended up racking up more than a million views online as fans were delighted by a glimpse at her kitchen.

One user remarked: “A real used kitchen. I think Drew might be an original."

It's not the first time that Barrymore has offered fans a glimpse inside her home, with a previous video giving fans a peek as she carried out some tasks at home.

In the video, a voiceover said: “I know everyone thinks it’s boring, but it’s really not.

“It’s the least boring thing. I am really happy being a happy little hermit. I love being at home. I never wanna go anywhere.”

Drew's also received attention for the size of her TV.

One fan wrote on X after the actor posted a video of herself watching The Wedding Singer: "Why is Drew Barrymore’s tv so small and bad. What’s going on. I’m unsettled."

"This TV is so tiny," another added.

Though the actor and TV host did have one concession to luxury in the video, which was a walk-in closet where she was modelling her outfits.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @drewbarrymore

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