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Demi Moore snaps at audience as she introduces Cher at star-studded event

Demi Moore snaps at audience as she introduces Cher at star-studded event

Demi Moore took to the stage to introduce Cher, only to take a moment to scold the audience during her speech

Demi Moore snapped at audience members during a talk and introduction at the amfAR gala.

The Ghost star had been introducing pop icon Cher to the stage at the gala in France when one member of the audience seemingly drew her ire at the event.

Beginning her introduction, Moore told the audience: "I'm going to see if this is the moment we've all been waiting for."

She continued: "I'm just making sure that you're really, really with me. Because this incredible woman that I'm about to introduce - she's a Grammy winner, an Oscar winner, an Emmy winner."

It was at this point that someone in the audience appeared to draw Moore's attention, as she stopped herself short.

Breaking the silence, Moore addressed somebody, though it was not entirely clear precisely who it was exactly that she was speaking to.

So, what did she tell this person?

Speaking in no uncertain terms, Moore interrogated the audience member, rhetorically asking them: "Are you an Emmy winner over there in the back of the room? I f**king don't think so."

Demi Moore introduced Cher at the amfAR gala. (X/@RaminSetoodeh)
Demi Moore introduced Cher at the amfAR gala. (X/@RaminSetoodeh)

It sounds a bit like headteacher scolding a talkative student during assembly, doesn't it?

Except with more F-bombs, maybe, depending on the teacher.

The comment drew a mixture of reactions from the audience, including one of shock of course, but also with some applause as well.

Moore continued with her speech introducing Cher to the stage.

Moore said: "She's a style icon and my personal hair inspiration. And she was was honored by amfAR for their award of inspiration in 2015.

"The bottom line is she is just one of the most talented, successful, and best-loved performers of all time."

Getting to the introduction she added: "So please," then took another uncomfortably long pause before continuing: "Please give a warm welcome to the incredible, one and only, Cher."

Moore interacted with the audience during the introduction.  (X/@RaminSetoodeh)
Moore interacted with the audience during the introduction. (X/@RaminSetoodeh)

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on the introduction.

One person questioned why Demi Moore had kept making pauses in her introduction, writing: "Why did she keep pausing like that? What a weird way to introduce Cher?"

Another commended Moore on the way that she spoke to the audience member, commenting: "She said, I will treat you like a child until you learn respect."

One fan even drew a parallel between Demi Moore and Cher, remarking that the way she made the introduction was reminiscent of Cher.

They wrote: "Her giving major Cher while introducing Cher is so ICONIC!"

UNILAD has reached out to representatives of Demi Moore for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Images/Ryan Emberly/amfAR/Danielle Venturelli

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