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Dane Cook, 51, marries Kelsi Taylor, 24, after years of defending 27-year age gap

Dane Cook, 51, marries Kelsi Taylor, 24, after years of defending 27-year age gap

They got married in a spot with huge sentimental significance

Dane Cook has married partner Kelsi Taylor after years of defending their 27-year age gap, having tied the knot at a spot that holds huge sentimental significance for them.

Cook, 51, first met Taylor, 24, at a games night at his home, with the pair initially becoming friends before eventually 'upgrad[ing] to love'.

Their relationship has, unsurprisingly, raised eyebrows from various corners of the internet, but the couple are so confident in their love story that they're even happy joking about it at their own expense.

The pair met at a games night.

In an interview with E! Online last year, Cook explained that he relied on Taylor to help him test his material for his stand-up show, Dane Cook: Above It All, before taking it to the public.

"She saw everything that I was working on for the show," he said.

"And she was like, ‘Keep that in. I think that part will be great.' There's even some fun at our own expense."

Cook added: "We have a bit of an age difference, so it's in the show, it's in the show. If we can't laugh at it, then nobody else is allowed."

Greg Doherty/Getty Images for HollyShorts Film Festival

The comedian proposed on York Beach in Maine as a nod to the place where the couple took their first trip together.

He explained: "I was just trying some material out on her the other day where I was like, ‘Hey, I think I have maybe my first 'what it's like to be married' joke'. So, [Taylor] got the exclusive. We tried it out and she said, ‘I approve of that. That's a good one'.

And now they’ve tied the knot in an equally poignant location, having enjoyed a ‘wedding week’ in Hawaii.

The newlyweds said ‘I do’ in front of 20 guests at a private estate in O’ahu, which Cook said was ‘intimate, connected, and filled with fun’.

The couple got married in Hawaii at the weekend.

“We chose Hawaii because it has such a special place in our hearts and our relationship,” he told People.

“It was one of the first trips we ever went on together and we continue to go back often. It’s such an oasis, and we couldn’t be more excited to have spent our wedding week surrounded by the beauty of Oahu.”

Cook added: “We decided to do a full week vacation with a wedding right in the middle, and we wouldn’t want it any other way! Nothing better than spending this special time with all of our favorite people.”

He said he and Taylor had envisioned ‘something that was more along the lines of a gathering’ of their closest family and friends, with the celebration including a welcome BBQ, a night out at a jazz bar, a pool party and beach day.

Taylor said it had been 'the most gorgeous' wedding.

Taylor made her entrance to ‘Marry Me’ by Train, saying: “Every time I heard this song it made me so emotional.

“I knew it was the pick for the ceremony.”

She went on: “We went for traditional vows - because to be perfectly honest, I had a feeling that Dane would totally outshine my speech.

“He has the best way with words, and I knew I wouldn’t even be able to match up to his delivery. I also really just wanted to keep our more intimate vows private and to give him a handwritten letter the morning of.”

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