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Dane Cook speaks out on 27-year age gap he has with his fiancée
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Dane Cook speaks out on 27-year age gap he has with his fiancée

The comedian has drawn on his relationship for new stand-up material

Comedian Dane Cook has spoken out on the 27-year age gap he has with his fiancée Kelsi Taylor after they started dating five years ago.

Cook, 50, and Taylor, 23, took their relationship to the next level in July when the Good Luck Chuck actor proposed on York Beach in Maine as a nod to the place where the couple took their first trip together.

The comedian has previously revealed that he met Taylor at a game night at his home, after which they became friends before eventually 'upgrad[ing] to love'.

Their relationship has, unsurprisingly, raised eyebrows from various corners of the internet, but the pair are so confident in their love story that they're even happy joking about it at their own expense.

In an interview with E! Online, Cook explained that he relied on Taylor to help him test his material for his new stand-up show, Dane Cook: Above It All, before taking it to the public.

"She saw everything that I was working on for the show," he said. "And she was like, ‘Keep that in. I think that part will be great.' There's even some fun at our own expense."

Cook confirmed that mention of the 27 years between himself and Taylor does feature in the show, as he said: "We have a bit of an age difference, so it's in the show, it's in the show. If we can't laugh at it, then nobody else is allowed."

Following the proposal Cook and Taylor are looking forward to married life, with the comedian hopeful that his new venture as a husband will provide even more material for his performances.

He explained: "I was just trying some material out on her the other day where I was like, ‘Hey, I think I have maybe my first 'what it's like to be married' joke'. So, [Taylor] got the exclusive. We tried it out and she said, ‘I approve of that. That's a good one'.

"I think it'll change it in the way that I would always hope growing up with a generation of comedy fans," Cook continued. "I was a college kid talking to you know, college-age students. And to grow up with a generation of comedy fans. Their kids are now coming to my show. I'm family oriented and to be looking at that with Kelsey and our future and family. It's like, all feels like the right timing."

Taylor has publicly joined her fiancé in expressing excitement for the future, having previously shared a birthday post for him in which she said she 'couldn't imagine a world without' him, and adding: "You’re so important to me and I can’t wait for all the other birthdays we will spend together."

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