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Bryan Cranston awkwardly mistook James Corden for a waiter when they first met

Bryan Cranston awkwardly mistook James Corden for a waiter when they first met

The Breaking Bad actor had no idea who James Corden was

They say that you shouldn't meet your heroes, and I'm sure James Corden might have agreed at one point.

The Gavin and Stacey star has come a long way from his time popular BBC sitcom and, up until recently, had his own talk show across the pond.

While he's now a famous face in Hollywood, there was a time when Corden wasn't known of.

Before hitting the big time in the US, Corden found himself face-to-face with Bryan Cranston - whom he was a huge fan of after watching Breaking Bad.

Corden and his wife Julia Carey were in Los Angeles for the first time and had been binge watching the Emmy award-winning show when they decided to go out for lunch.

While they were in the restaurant, who else but Cranston himself ended up walking in and - knowing he couldn't miss his shot to meet the actor - Corden went over to say hello.

But things didn't go as planned, however.

James Corden and Bryan Cranston's first meeting was pretty awkward.

"My story is very emotional for me right now. For my story is the first time I ever met Bryan Cranston, which was a huge moment in my life," Corden recently shared on Today with Hoda and Jenna.

He went on: "I go for lunch and who walks in the restaurant but Bryan Cranston. To this day, I have never been as starstruck as I was in that moment."

After going up to Cranston, the Malcom in the Middle actor turned to Corden and said, 'Could I have some more coffee, please?' as he thought the comic was a waiter.

Corden went on: "I said, 'Bryan, you don’t know me, I’m an actor in the United Kingdom and I was watching the show this morning. Your performance is incredible.' And he said 'Thank you, can I get a Diet Coke with no ice?'"


While the awkward moment probably stung for Corden at the time, the two are able to laugh about it now.

James Corden lived in the US for several years.
Samir Hussein/WireImage

Since ending his eight-year Late Late Show run last year, Corden has relocated back to the UK with his wife and kids - something he said has been 'tough'.

"It’s been brilliant, and hard, and overwhelming," the Cats star said of the move.

"I think moving house is hard enough, moving children, moving schools - picking it up and going so far, from everything they knew from life in Los Angeles - it’s been a real challenge. It’s been tough.

"But at the same time, immensely rewarding."

The 45-year-old has since landed a new series titled This Life Of Mine with James Corden on SiriusXM where he'll interview a host of celebs.

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