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Chynna Phillips Baldwin uploads 'powerful' Instagram post amid Billy Baldwin and Sharon Stone drama

Chynna Phillips Baldwin uploads 'powerful' Instagram post amid Billy Baldwin and Sharon Stone drama

Chynna Phillips Baldwin's husband Billy has been feuding with Sharon Stone over events which allegedly occurred while filming Silver.

Chynna Phillips Baldwin has spoken out amid her husband and Sharon Stone coming to blows.

On an episode of Louis Theroux's podcast released March 12, actor Stone exposed the name of the producer who 'pressured' her into have sex with a co-star, revealing the alleged incident took place while filming 1993 release Sliver alongside Billy Baldwin - the film produced by Robert Evans.

It didn't take long for Baldwin to hit back against the claims and now singer-songwriter Phillips - also Baldwin's wife - has also taken to social media amid the drama to upload a cryptic quote.

Stone alleged that during the filming of the film Evans called her into his office and explained 'he slept with Ava Gardner' and that she 'should sleep with Billy Baldwin'.

She told Theroux: "Because if I slept with Billy Baldwin, Billy Baldwin's performance would get better. And we needed Billy to get better in the movie because that was the problem."

Sharon Stone and Billy Baldwin starred alongside one another in 1993 release Silver.
Paramount Pictures

Baldwin quickly responded, taking to X to question why Stone 'keep[s] talking' about him and whether she 'still' has a 'crush' on him or is 'hurt after all these years because [he] shunned her advances'.

"Did she say to her gal pal Janice Dickinson the day after I screen tested and ran into them on our MGM Grand flight back to New York… 'I'm gonna make him fall so hard for me, it's gonna make his head spin.' ??? I have so much dirt on her it would make her head spin but I've kept quiet," he added.

And his partner Phillips has since taken to Instagram amid the drama, posting a quote about 'perspective'.

Chynna Phillips Baldwin has taken to social media amid her husband's drama with Sharon Stone.
Instagram/ @chynna_phillips

Taking to her page yesterday (13 March), Phillips shared a quote by the late pastor, reading: "If you were a hundred times worse than you are, your sins would be no match for his mercy."

The caption adds: "Perspective #timkeller #greatquotes #bible #truth #jesus #healing #salvation #christ #forgiven #savior #californiahealin #californiapreachin #holyspiritactivate."

And it's not taken long for people to flood to the comments.

A user wrote: "Chynna I had to read that 3x to fully understand the power in those words! Powerful."

"Chynna PTL that you’re taking the high road, it’s humbling," another added.

However, a third added: "Where was the grace in your husbands disgusting statement?

"His approach and reaction makes her claim seem far more valid."

UNILAD has contacted Phillips, Baldwin and Stone for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@chynna_phillips/Paramount

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