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People stunned after learning Bill Gates' daughter is dating Paul McCartney's grandson

People stunned after learning Bill Gates' daughter is dating Paul McCartney's grandson

Microsoft heiress Phoebe Gates and Arthur Donald, grandson of the Beatles star, are the new power couple.

People are shocked after learning that Bill Gates’ daughter and Sir Paul McCartney's grandson are dating.

Given that their families made millions in the tech and music industry respectively, it is hardly surprising that the two heirs have found each other.

It seems that all you need is love and perhaps a not-so-small fortune!

There's a new power couple in town.
Instagram/Phoebe Gate

Rumour about the power couple first began after a photo of them circulated on social media, which showed Phoebe Gates and Arthur Donald with Paris in the background - let's hope they didn't get bed bugs.

The romantic image was taken on a balcony with the Eiffel Tower visible, as the 21 and 24-year-olds posed together.

According to the Daily Mail, the families have been close for some time as Donald’s aunt, Stella McCartney, is friends with Gates’ mom, Melissa.

Donald has a rather famous grandfather, Sir Paul McCartney.
Getty/Sue McKay / Contributor

Speaking about the famous fashion designer, Gates’ daughter said: “Even when I was little, she would send me stuff and little notes and I'd be so excited…we are really deeply connected.”

It seems Gates and Donald are a serious power couple though, with the wealth of a nation between their two families.

Having founded Microsoft in 1975, the Gates have amassed a staggering fortune of $106 billion from the tech firm and all its various products.

Meanwhile, Sir Paul McCartney grossed over $1.1 billion from his solo career and his time in the biggest band ever, aka The Beatles.

Phoebe's dad, Bill Gates, built Microsoft.
Getty/ANGELA WEISS / Contributor

As the news broke on social media, people were shocked by the sheer amount of money between the two lovebirds.

One Redditor even joked: “I mean who else are you going to date once you’re up in that stratosphere? I don’t think you can ever just date regular people at that point.”

To which, another responded: “That’s why for me Notting Hill will always be sci-fi.”

A third added: “Where the hell is Bill Gates’s daughter going to meet a regular person? Her social life is entirely upper-crust scenarios.”

However, the user did go on to add that the couple’s difference in finances may have caused issues if it was scaled down.

They wrote: “…relationships have enough trouble when there’s an income disparity. Things like that tear up relationships. I imagine for people like them that that kind of disparity is a non-starter.”

It seems like the power couple will more than make up for any short fallings with Gates, an aspiring designer, having already landed an internship at British Vogue.

Meanwhile, Donald is a climate investor in New York.

Maybe, money can buy you love?

Featured Image Credit: Nina Westervelt/Variety/Penske Media via Getty Images / Instagram/@phoebegates

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