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Ashton Kutcher had bet with rapist Danny Masterson to 'french kiss' Mila Kunis when she was 14
Featured Image Credit: Twitter /@AKBrews / 20th Century Fox

Ashton Kutcher had bet with rapist Danny Masterson to 'french kiss' Mila Kunis when she was 14

The unearthed clip has been circulating since Masterson's imprisonment

An 'icky' interview clip of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis has resurfaced since they apologized for writing letters of support for Danny Masterson during his rape trial.

The clip was taken from an appearance Kutcher and Kunis made on The Rosie O'Donnell Show during their time on That '70s Show.

During their interview, Kutcher began talking about Masterson and a conversation that took place about their younger colleague, Kunis.

Kutcher said: "[Kunis] was 14 when we started the show, I was 19.

"And they were like 'You guys are going to be making out in this scene'.

"And I'm like 'This is slightly illegal, right?'"

At this point, Kunis interjected: "I'd never kissed a guy."

When O'Donnell asked if Kutcher was her first kiss, the young up-and-coming actress confirmed that he was.

Turning to her costar, she said: "Why don't you tell them about the bet you made with Danny about our first kiss?"

Whilst Kutcher disputed that a bet had not been made about their first kiss, Kunis explained: "I'd never kissed a guy.

"Ash was attractive and I was a fourteen year old little girl.

"I was extremely scared for my life, he was very nice about it.

"He was like 'Don't worry', and I was like 'Okay...'"

Mila Kunis' comments on a resurfaced interview have gone viral.

When Masterson's name got mentioned, the story got even more bizarre.

Kunis said: "Danny goes to him and says, 'Dude, I'll give you ten dollars if you French kiss her'.

"Were you gonna try and stick your tongue in my mouth?"

Kutcher pushed back against her telling of the story: "We had a little side bet going on.

"On the show, we're boyfriend and girlfriend. You would use tongue."

As O'Donnell remarked: "It depends what kind of actor you are!", Kutcher reiterated: "Danny bets me twenty bucks that I wouldn't do it. I said 'Sure, what's the big deal?'"

Kunis piped up: "He never did it!

"I swear I never let him. I think he tried but I kept my mouth closed."

The interview took place on The Rosie O'Donnell Show.

She then confirmed that she'd done a 'teeth block' when O'Donnell suggested this was how she warded off Kutcher's tongue.

The unearthed clip has gone viral after Kutcher and Kunis backed down from their letters of support for Masterson.

Responding to the clip, a X user wrote: "And they made it sound so normal too!"

Another remarked: "This is awful."

UniLad have reached out to Ashton Kutcher's representatives for comment.

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