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MrBeast's girlfriend says dating him is 'super anxiety provoking'

MrBeast's girlfriend says dating him is 'super anxiety provoking'

Thea Booyson and MrBeast have been dating for a while

MrBeast's girlfriend says dating him is 'super anxiety provoking'.

Not quite the glowing review most would like from their other half, but when you're one of the biggest social media stars on the planet, it's fairly understandable.

MrBeast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, has an army of followers and fans, with over 113 millions subscribers on YouTube.

So, as you can imagine, there's a bit of pressure that comes with dating someone so well known.

And Thea Booyson recently revealed that she has had some questions asked around her motives since the pair started dating.

Speaking on the Wide Awake podcast, she opened up about the stresses of being MrBeast's other half.

MrBeast and Thea have been dating for a while.
Thea Booyson/Instagram

"Going out as Mr. Beast's thing was super anxiety provoking, you'd get common saying like, 'Oh, she's gonna break his heart'," said Booyson.

"'She's gonna be a gold digger', but they don't even know my name. Most people don't even know it's me dating him. But like, every now and then he talks about 'a girlfriend', which is me.

"I don't take it seriously at all like, I know this is the process that's going to take place as people are going to assume the worst of course."

Donaldson also recently spoke about their relationship.

Talking on Andrew Schultz on the Flagrant podcast, the social media giant explained how he met Thea.

Donaldson said that he had planned on heading to Antarctica with a few mates a while back, but the trip was cancelled because the 'whole of Antarctica got Covid'.

"So we chilled in South Africa for a couple of days," he recalled. "And I just had dinner with a friend, and her friend, who was my current girlfriend, just stopped by, and within five seconds, I was like, holy s**t, this girl is beautiful.

Thea says she's had a bit of negative feedback since they started dating.
Thea Booyson/Instagram

"But I have to go through the tests, because like, I don't really get along with women if they don't love learning, they're not obsessive, they don't have a hobby, they don't like, like, there are just certain things where if you have these traits, we get along really well, and if you don't, like, it's impossible for us to hang out. "

He went on: "So I had to put her through the wringer and started asking questions. And then she was like, 'I'm an author'. And I was like, 'F**k, yeah'.

"And then we started talking, and I just tried to get a feel, she likes learning, like, you know, whatever. And she has multiple degrees, you can tell she likes learning, she's about to get a neuroscience degree just for fun, not even to get a job.

"And so she was like, checking all the boxes, and I had like, these 10 things where, like, if I meet a girl that's like, beautiful, and they have these 10 traits, like, we're gonna be literally best friends, right? She checked every single one of them."

So it sounds like it's going pretty well then.

Featured Image Credit: Wide Awake Podcast/YouTube/MrBeast/Instagram

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