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Miley Cyrus' sister responds to conspiracy theories that Flowers is about Liam Hemsworth
Featured Image Credit: mileycyrus/Instagram/Shutterstock

Miley Cyrus' sister responds to conspiracy theories that Flowers is about Liam Hemsworth

Miley's sister has some thoughts on the theories.

Miley Cyrus's latest single 'Flowers' has taken over the charts, partly because it's a banger, and partly because of all the conspiracy theories surrounding it.

If you're not caught up on all-things Miley, people are convinced that the song is a dig at her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth.

Not only did the single drop on Liam's birthday (13 January), but fans have spotted all sorts of references to their relationship in the music video and the lyrics - more on that in a bit.

Miley hasn't commented on fans' theories just yet, but her older sister Brandi has shared her thoughts.

Fans are certain that Miley's new single was aimed at Liam Hemsworth.
Miley Cyrus / YouTube

Brandi, 35, is the eldest of the Cyrus kids, and currently hosts the podcast Your Favourite Thing, where she did a deep dive into her little sister's single.

Sticking to whatever sort of code of honour the Cyrus household must follow, Brandi kept her cards close to her chest at first.

"The song did come out on his birthday," she said.

"Was that on purpose? I don’t know, can’t say. Genius though."

However, Brandi did praise Miley's fans for all their detective work.

"I love Miley fans so much, they go hard in the paint," she raved.

"The fans on TikTok just keep creating narrative after narrative and it is so funny.

"It makes Miley seem like an absolute genius, and it’s just too good. Everyday I wake up to a new one."

Brandi and Miley Cyrus with their mom Tish.
Allstar Picture Library Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

She continued: "The narratives are hilarious.

"It’s the best PR that could ever happen because it gets people talking about the song on TikTok, and it’s everywhere.

"And it’s just so fun to watch it all play out. Miley fans, I love ya."

But still no straight answers, Brandi! Is this song about Liam Hemsworth or not?

Well unfortunately, Brandi's lips are sealed on that one.

"I’m letting this play out," she teased.

"Only Miley knows the truth."

So, what was it that led fans to believe that this song is about Liam?

Well, a quick skim through the song lyrics would give you a few hints.

Is the song about Liam or not? The people need to know.
PictureLux/The Hollywood Archive/Alamy

One theory suggests that the lyric: 'Built a home and watched it burn' is a reference to Miley and Liam's mansion which burned down in the 2018 Malibu fires.

Then there's the chorus that appears to be a response to Bruno Mars's song 'When I Was Your Man'.

Some fans are convinced that Bruno's heartbreaking song was a significant one to Liam and Miley during their relationship.

While other fan theories are certain that Miley is wearing one of Liam's suits in the music video.

The wormhole goes pretty deep if you really want to get into it, but like Brandi says, only Miley knows the truth.

I'm holding out for a few more hints when Miley finally drops her album Endless Summer Vacation next month.

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