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What Is Mia Khalifa’s Net Worth In 2022?

What Is Mia Khalifa’s Net Worth In 2022?

Fans are left wondering just how much Khalifa is worth after her short but successful 18+ career, and what she's been doing since.

Mia Khalifa is a name recognised by many - possibly one most people would wish their partners didn't know! Khalifa is of course most known for her breakout career as a pornographic actress, who shot to fame after becoming the most viewed creator on Pornhub within two months of making videos in 2014.

Although Khalifa’s pornography career saw her become Pornhub’s number one performer, boasting 1.5 million views, she became a victim of severe scrutiny.

She received a number of online death threats, high-profile criticism from The Washington Post, and was evening edited into a video in which she was being held hostage by an Islamic State executioner for engaging in the sexual entertainment industry as a woman from a Muslim country - Lebanon.

This prompted Khalifa to quit the industry to instead cultivate a revitalised media personality.

However, fans are left wondering just how much Khalifa is worth after her short but successful 18+ career, and what she is doing now after turning her back on it.

What Is Mia Khalifa’s Net Worth In 2022?

As of 2022, Mia Khalifa has an estimated net worth of $5 million (£4.2 million).

Considering Khalifa’s extraordinary popularity as a pornographic actress, her impressive net worth comes as no surprise.

However, Khalifa tried to squash rumours of her riches in August 2019 when she admitted that she had actually only made $12,000 from working in porn, earning up to $1,000 per scene.

BangBros, a pornographic film studio in Miami, who Mia Khalifa worked with as a webcammer for eleven months in 2015, has a different story to tell though. According to BangBros, Khalifa earned over $178,000 even in her short time working for them.

While Khalifa has her left her pornography performance days behind, it is expected that she still receives the revenue from her videos that still circulate the internet.

They are evidently popular too, as in 2018, three years after she left the industry, she remained Pornhub’s second most popular video star.

Since then, Khalifa has established herself as a media personality, joining Complex’s YouTube sports talk-show, Out Of Bounds, as a commentator in 2017.

However, she quit her role in 2018, and went on to co-host Sportsball with Tyler Coe on Rooster Teeth, even making a guest appearance in Hulu’s comedy-drama Ramy.

The star has amassed a huge TikTok following of 34.7 million fans, where she shares relatable memes and dancing videos on the regular.

Khalifa previously resided in an impressive $4 million abode in California, which boasted four bedrooms and six bathrooms. However, she is now rumoured to have moved back to Miami.

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