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Aubrey Plaza had a brutal response to Jared Leto's Met Gala cat outfit

Aubrey Plaza had a brutal response to Jared Leto's Met Gala cat outfit

Jared Leto certainly stole the Met Gala show last night with his cat outfit, as everyone gave their thoughts.

The 2023 Met Gala has come and gone, with the annual fashion event bringing many talking points and controversy once again this year. Now, Aubrey Plaza has given her two cents' worth about one of the event's most iconic outfits.

The controversy actually all started before the event had even begun, thanks to the theme.

Fans of the event will know each year has a new theme, which certainly mixes it up.

This year's Met Gala theme was 'Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty', which many were not too happy about.

Lagerfeld was a German fashion designer who regularly attended The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute before he died in 2019.

In his time, Lagerfeld had been accused of being fatphobic, racist, and displaying misogynistic behaviour.

The wacky outfits were in full force at this year's Met Gala.
Associated Press/Alamy

One example of such behaviour came in a 2009 interview with German magazine Focus, in which Lagerfeld said that 'no one wants to see curvy women'.

Nonetheless, the theme went ahead as planned, with the wild outfits certainly making the headlines during the actual show itself.

If you tuned in last night, you'll be well aware that there was a notable cat theme.

While some famous faces tailored their fashion to fit the theme, others went a step further and dressed up as Choupette, Lagerfeld's much-loved cat.

Doja Cat was first, living up to her name with her sparkling cat outfit and facial prosthetics.

But Jared Leto's look was even more eye-catching with his enormous fluffy Choupette costume.

As you'd expect, it was pretty hard to miss the giant cat walking down the red carpet, but we didn't know who was under it until Leto unmasked himself like he was on The Masked Singer.

Jared Leto couldn't be missed on the Met Gala carpet.
Associated Press/Alamy

Under that, the actor had another outfit, as he removed his cat costume to reveal an almost all-black outfit with sparkling shoulders complete with a cape.

The outfit will surely rank up there for being one of the most talked about Met Gala outfits of all time, with many famous faces giving their thoughts.

One of those is Aubrey Plaza, who gave a rather brutal response when asked about the bizarre cat costume.

Speaking to Variety on the Met Gala carpet, she said: "I know about the cat. You know what? He took that head off way too soon.

"He should have kept it on for longer – it’s what Karl [Lagerfeld] would have done!"

Ouch. As back-handed compliments go, that one's sure to sting a bit.

Featured Image Credit: Associated Press / UPI / Alamy Stock Photo

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