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Megan Fox follows Eminem amid Machine Gun Kelly break-up rumors

Megan Fox follows Eminem amid Machine Gun Kelly break-up rumors

Megan Fox might have broken up with Machine Gun Kelly and now she's following Eminem on Instagram, what could it mean?

Megan Fox has started following Eminem on Instagram, fuelling rumours that she's broken up with Machine Gun Kelly.

The rumours started circling after the actor deleted all pictures featuring the rapper from her Instagram, and her most recent post has only added fuel to the fire.

Fox's most recent post was captioned 'You can taste the dishonesty/it's all over your breath' while featuring several pictures of herself, some with another man in the image, and a video of her appearing to burn a bunch of stuff in a fire.

Getting rid of all the photos and burning a bunch of someone's belongings are signs of a breakup and fans reckon it means she's split from her fiancée.

However, one very crucial detail Fox's fans think is the clearest sign yet is that she started following legendary rapper Eminem, who has had some very public beef with Machine Gun Kelly.

Fans reckon Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have split up after Fox's recent Instagram activity.
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The feud between the pair started back in 2012 when MGK called Eminem's daughter Hailie 'hot as f**k' in a tweet.

They haven't got along at all ever since then as they've been firing verbal shots in diss tracks, calling each other out at their gigs and even ending up with other famous rappers wading into the war of words.

While rappers like 50 Cent have clearly backed Eminem in the feud, some unfortunate fans have also felt the effects of the rapping rivalry.

One unlucky fan got his MGK autograph torn to shreds by the man himself after the mere mention of Eminem's name, so you can understand how Megan Fox following Eminem on Instagram could be something he'd be unhappy about.

Megan Fox has since started following MGK's rapping rival Eminem.
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Fans reckon there's something in this, with plenty pointing out that Fox had suddenly started following Eminem and believing it was just the latest clue pointing towards a break up with MGK.

Someone said they saw that she 'just followed Eminem' and reckoned 'this is war some s**t went down'.

Then again, there's only three people she actually follows on Instagram so perhaps we should add Harry Styles and Timothée Chalamet to any potential list we're drawing up.

Others thought someone else entirely would be Megan Fox's next partner, with one commenter declaring 'ENTER PETE DAVIDSON' to widespread agreement - following his high-profile escapades with Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski

At this point, dating Pete Davidson does seem to be something most celebrities will do at some point in their lives, so who knows?

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