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Fans convinced Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are back together after spotting her in Instagram post

Fans convinced Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are back together after spotting her in Instagram post

A new Instagram post has fans convinced that the pair are back together

Machine Gun Kelly's latest Instagram activity has fans convinced that he's back together with Megan Fox.

The first signs that something might not be right with the couple came after Megan Fox deleted photos of them together from her socials.

She also made a cryptic post featuring lyrics from a Beyoncé song about the allegations that Jay-Z cheated on her, and at the end of it there was a letter burning in a firepit.

The post was captioned with the lyrics 'You can taste the dishonesty / it’s all over your breath' which fans thought might be a sign.

Fox also ended up following Eminem, who kind of has a feud going on with Machine Gun Kelly, prompting some fans to reckon that the engagement was off.

However, that same set of fans are now wondering if things are back on between the pair following Machine Gun Kelly's recent activity.

He shared an Instagram post showing off his hair which also featured a picture of Megan Fox on the cover of Sports Illustrated and Fox herself appearing in the pictures.

The two shared a red carpet together for the Sports Illustrated issue launch following the rumours of their break up and all of this has led fans to wonder if they might be back together again.

One fan commented 'we see Megan' while another got right to the point to ask 'okay but are you and her still together'.

Other fans started arguing over whether they'd even broken up in the first place, with one saying 'Mom and dad are back together' and was told they 'never actually broke up' and that they were just 'working on their relationship this entire time'.

While MGK wasn't responding to questions in the comments someone else wanted to know: "Why did you and Megan break up?"

The pair recently appeared together on the red carpet, though whether they're back together, just in the same place or never even broke up is for fans to speculate on.

Fans have previously speculated that the rumoured break up was some kind of publicity stunt to build up hype for an advert at the Superbowl, though that didn't turn out to be the case.

MGK, real name Colson Baker, had been on stage at a gig when he told the crowd his 'life's in shambles' and asked them whether he should just move back to Texas.

For his most recent birthday which he celebrated last month Fox got him something called a Kransekake - a traditional Danish and Norwegian confection which calls back to his family roots.

So maybe things are alright between them after all.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@themachinegunkelly / ET

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