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Matt Damon completely shuts down interviewer and defends teachers in resurfaced video
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/@abc15be

Matt Damon completely shuts down interviewer and defends teachers in resurfaced video

The Good Will Hunting actor decided to school an interviewer, after she asked him a pointed question about education

Matt Damon has angrily defended teachers in a recently unearthed video.

The Talented Mr. Ripley star shut down the awkward interview, after being asked about whether job insecurity made him work harder as an actor.

When the interviewer questioned whether the same principle could be applied to teachers, Damon decided to educate them on the realities of working in a school.

It is understandable why the Air actor would shut down such a question.

His mum, Nancy Carlsson-Paige, was a teacher and went on to become an early childhood professor at Lesley University.

In fact, Damon had been supporting her at the Save Our Schools rally outside the White House, in Washington DC, when he was asked the jaw-dropping question.

Stood beside his mum at the demonstration, he was asked whether he worked harder as an actor due to career instability and whether this would encourage teachers to do the same.

With an answer worthy of the debate team, he told the interviewer: “You think job insecurity is what makes me work hard? I wanna be an actor, it’s not an incentive.”

Matt Damon angrily defended teachers in the short clip.
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However, the Good Will Hunting star wasn’t quite done with schooling the interviewer.

Continuing, he angrily said: “It’s like saying a teacher is gonna to get lazy when they have tenure… a teacher wants to teach.

“Why else would you take a sh***y salary and long hours and do that job? Unless you really love to do it.”

After a heated discussion, the School Ties actor was then asked about ten percent of teachers being ‘bad’ with Damon clearly shocked by the shaky statistic.

“Well ok but I mean maybe you are a sh***y cameraman, I dunno know” he added bluntly.

Not only did his response get full marks from his mum, but also from countless fans who have shared the 2011 clip on Reddit.

The Good Will Hunting actor has been praised for his response online.
Miramax Films

In a thread on the social media site, one fan was impressed by how calm the A-Lister remained throughout the interview.

They wrote: “Did she really just go after his mom? Kudos to Matt to be so restrained.”

Others agree with another commenting on how pleased his mom looked with her son’s response, writing: “I love how his Mom looks at him. So proud.”

Meanwhile, another fan was shocked by Damon's well thought through reply as they added: “I never knew Matt Damon to be so eloquent and poignant. That was a f**king dagger, yo.”

However, fans shouldn’t be so surprised as prior to becoming a leading man in Hollywood Damon attended Harvard University and only left to pursue his acting career.

He might not have got his degree, but The Martian actor is certainly our star pupil.

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