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Matt Damon responds to Jimmy Kimmel's jabs at Oscars as he continues long-running 'feud'

Matt Damon responds to Jimmy Kimmel's jabs at Oscars as he continues long-running 'feud'

The 52-year-old has a long-running feud with The Tonight Show host, after Kimmel constantly joked about running out of time for Damon

Matt Damon has spoken out about his infamous long-running feud with Jimmy Kimmel and his plans to gain revenge on The Tonight Show host for his relentless teasing.

The pair's jokey rift has been ongoing for the past twenty years after the talk show host randomly poked fun at him one night.

While the feud might be fictional, the Good Will Hunting actor didn’t mince his words at a screening of his new film, Air.

Made with long-time collaborator and friend Ben Affleck, the film follows the story of Nike employee Sonny Vaccaro as he tries to salvage the struggling shoe company during the early eighties.

On the lookout for a new face for the brand, Vaccaro (played by Damon) finds a rookie athlete by the name of Michael Jordan and hopes to land the young star.

However, Vaccoro soon realises how intense the bidding war is and decides to risk it all on a new line of shoes as Nike tries to outpace its rivals.

Alongside Viola Davis and Marlon Wayans, Damon leads an all-star cast about how Air Jordans became a brand worth over $4 billion (£3.2b) a year.

Given the long-running rift between Kimmel and Damon, we are sure the Interstellar actor would like a similar budget to plot his revenge as he teased his future plans for the 'terrible' talk show host.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in Air.
Amazon Studios

Damon has been the butt of Kimmel’s jokes for over two decades, with the talk show apologising nightly for ‘running out of time’ to speak to the now-A List actor.

The fake feud even spawned a friendship between the pair, with Damon appearing in ever increasingly hilarious skits – including one where the actor invaded the stage at the Emmys as Kimmel hosted.

In fact, the joke became so out of hand that Kimmel’s real-life ex, Sarah Silverman, wrote a tongue-in-cheek track where she announced that she was ‘f**king Matt Damon’ on The Tonight Show.

However, the actor teased that he has an even more savage response for talk show host following his recent cameo.

Matt Damon made a cameo appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's 20th anniversary show.
Jimmy Kimmel Live!

It also seems Damon is getting even more people involved with the comic spat with his Air co-star Marlon Wayans joining in.

When asked about Kimmel standing him up on the 20th anniversary of The Tonight Show, Damon admitted he was already plotting his revenge.

He joked, telling UNILAD: “I'm always cooking up little ways to mess with Jimmy, because he's a horrible human being and a terrible talk show host.”

Never one to miss out on a joke, White Chicks actor Marlon Wayans chimed in: “I agree. Terrible. Let me know. I'll cook something up with you. I almost went to the Oscars this year just to walk on stage and slap him and then walk off.”

Having already teased the talk show host at the Emmy’s, we can’t wait for Damon’s next move.

You have been warned.

Featured Image Credit: UNILAD/ABC

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