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Madonna licks dog bowl and squats over Sriracha sauce in bizarre new video

Madonna licks dog bowl and squats over Sriracha sauce in bizarre new video

Fans have dubbed her latest social media clip as 'embarrassing'.

Madonna has seriously raised some eyebrows with her latest social media post.

The pop queen posed provocatively over a bottle of hot sauce, straddled a motorbike, and licked water out of a dog bowl.

Just another normal day for the 'Hung Up' star.

Fans of the Queen of Pop were shocked when they logged on to Instagram to see the '80s icon gyrating about in a neon green furry sweater with sparkly booty shorts, tights, and thigh-high boots.

The compilation of pictures and video clips were set to The Stooges' 'I Wanna Be Your Dog'.

The 'Vogue' songstress has been known for her provocative style through the decades, but fans are now calling her recent antics as 'embarrassing'.

One concerned Instagram fan said: "None of this is thought provoking or 'different'. You lost touch. You used to be ahead of the game. You created it. The changes to your body too. This is all screaming desperation to stay young or relevant. The last thing any of us would have expected from Madonna."

Another added: "It's getting more and more embarrassing. It's not easy to be your fan anymore. You were an icon. [But] sadly [are] now without style."A third piped up with: "Really? After 40 years of being an artist, your form of visual art went down to licking a dog bowl."

They added: "If you're creatively dried out, let it be. Don't ruin it for your lifetime fans who are used to getting the best out of you. You have no idea how much it hurts to see you so desperate, destroying your legacy."

The 'Material Girl' singer's latest strange social media posts comes after a slew of others that fans have also labelled as concerning.

In one TikTok clip, the 65-year-old songstress can be seen twerking in lingerie.

Another video has her mouthing along to a song about punching people in their 'mother f**king face'.

In September, she dropped an incredibly raunchy video of her and musician Tokischa licking each other and performing what appear to be sex acts in a very short, fast-moving video clip.

She revealed her sexuality to her fans in a five-second-long clip.

In the video, Madonna was seen holding a pair of hot pink underwear. The caption over the clip read: "If I miss, I'm gay."

She then proceeded to throw the underwear in the direction of a bin, missing spectacularly.

She finished the video with a shrug.

The social media clip took only moments to send the internet into overdrive, amassing over 1.3 million views in one hour.

Featured Image Credit: Madonna/Instagram

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