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Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon says she’s ‘cursed’ with her sexuality

Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon says she’s ‘cursed’ with her sexuality

She blames it all on her 'embarrassing' first crush

Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon has opened up about her sexuality, which she believes is a 'curse' and a distraction from her work.

Lourdes, 26, is Madonna's eldest child, who she shares with ex Carlos Leon.

Taking after her mother, Lourdes has jumped head-first into the worlds of music, dance, and modelling, under the stage name 'Lolahol'.

Despite her celebrity connections, Lourdes has said in a new interview that she, too, has problems - namely: boys.

Lourdes has said that she's 'cursed' by her sexuality.
ZUMA Press Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

"I would say my biggest sin is liking boys," she said in an interview with The Face.

"It’s such a curse. If you can avoid it - men or boys in general - I would, because what a distraction."

She added that 'if you want to be focused on something' the number one tactic is to 'avoid boys at all costs'.

Lourdes went on to say that she isn't attracted to girls like she is boys.

"I’m painfully straight, it’s terrible," she shared.

"I wish it wasn’t so, but unfortunately these are the cards I’ve been dealt. I am cursed, plagued with liking these men."

Elsewhere in the interview, Lourdes admitted who her unusual first crush was on, and revealed it was her mother who thankfully snapped her out of it.

Lourdes has said that she's 'painfully straight'.
lev radin / Alamy Stock Photo

The Mugler model confessed that, even though she was just a kid when she fell for her 'embarrassing' first crush, she believes that it ended up inspiring the type of guy that she 'would be into in the future'.

"I remember my dad showed me Jackass when I was 11 or 12," said the singer.

"They’re the most fried guys ever, but I thought that they were so cool and hot. They’re literally idiots – they were, like, stapling their a** cheeks together. And for some reason it sparked something in me where I felt like I was so deeply in love with Bam Margera.

Bam Margera was Lourdes' first crush.
Instagram/Bam Margera

"I remember going to my mom and literally crying to her and being like: ​'I am in love with this man and I don’t know what to do about it.'

"And she was like: ​'Well, listen, he’s married, Lola.' That was her response to me. It wasn’t: ​'First of all, you’re 12.' She really matter-of-factly responded to me that he was married."

Featured Image Credit: lev radin /ZUMA Press Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

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