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Machine Gun Kelly Allegedly Ignoring Assault And Battery Lawsuit Filed Against Him

Machine Gun Kelly Allegedly Ignoring Assault And Battery Lawsuit Filed Against Him

Machine Gun Kelly fails to respond to a lawsuit lodged against him

Machine Gun Kelly has allegedly failed to respond to an assault and battery lawsuit logged against him.

The lawsuit relates to an incident that occurred on September 8, 2021.

In the filling, it is alleged that Kelly — real name Colson Baker — threatened a disabled parking attendant while he was working.

Machine Gun Kelly (Alamy)
Machine Gun Kelly (Alamy)

The incident allegedly took place while Kelly was on the set of Good Morning With A U, a film that he's co-directing with Mod Sun.

Car park attendant John Tilli claims that Kelly threatened him after Tilli arrived at work to find a group of people filming in the parking lot of a bank.

The attendant then asked if the group had a permit, which they didn't, and this led to Tilli asking them to leave.

It is alleged that Kelly began 'yelling threats' at Tilli, which left him 'shaken up' and 'upset', as per Rolling Stone.

Machine Gun Kelly (Alamy)
Machine Gun Kelly (Alamy)

In the complaint, it is stated that Tilli has 'a mental and/or emotional condition that was made worse by [Kelly's] wrongful conduct'.

Because of this, Tilli was 'more susceptible to injury than a normal healthy person would have been'.

While the L.A. City Attorney’s Office decided not to proceed with the lawsuit last year due to the lack of a 'reasonable likelihood of conviction', Tilli can still file for damages.

This is because Kelly's failure to answer the lawsuit means that he was found in 'default' and so forfeits his right to appear in the case.

This means that Tilli can now pursue a $25,000 civil penalty, as well as additional damages.

Machine Gun Kelly (Alamy)
Machine Gun Kelly (Alamy)

Kelly has not spoken out about the allegations, but in September 2021, his team denied them.

A source reportedly said at the time, 'The accuser came on to the location of a film, harassing and becoming physical with a producer and members of the crew' he also added that 'He was asked to leave the set, and this report is frivolous as evidenced by a lack of witnesses and any physical evidence.'

Kelly recently made headlines for his engagement to Megan Fox, which included an unusual engagement ring.

According to Kelly, the ring he gave Fox has thorns so 'so if she tries to take it off, it hurts'.

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