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Logan Paul Awarded Truly Bizarre Guinness World Record

Logan Paul Awarded Truly Bizarre Guinness World Record

Paul was awarded the world record following acclaimed Wrestlemania debut

Logan Paul has earned his first Guinness World Record. Let's just say, it was a bit pricey.

Whether you like him or loathe him, Paul is one of the most famous people in the world today. He's a bona fide YouTube star, he's faced off against Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring and just recently, he made his Wrestlemania debut.

With all that fame and fortune, he's been pursuing his childhood dream: collecting exceedingly rare Pokémon cards for hefty prices. Now, his expensive pastime has led him to his first world record.

Now, Paul's Pokémon journey hasn't always been smooth sailing. In 2020, he was hospitalised and 'nearly bled out' after getting angry over a fake card, which cost him $2 million (£1.52m), and punching a window.

Last year, he purchased what he believed to be the ‘only known’ sealed box of first-edition Pokémon cards for $3.5 million, which also turned out to be fake.

However, on 22 July last year, he managed to buy a coveted PSA Grade 10 Pikachu Illustrator card.

The Guinness World Records website states: "To obtain the PSA Grade 10 Pikachu Illustrator card, Paul exchanged a PSA Grade 9 Pikachu Illustrator card worth $1.275m (£973,000) that he had purchased from renowned sports card collector Matt Allen in Como, Italy. 

"This Grade 9 card plus $4m ($3.05m) equalled the cost of the pristine Grade 10 Pikachu Illustrator card."

In total, the sale was worth $5.275m (£3.86m), making it the most expensive Pokémon trading card sold at a private sale.

Paul said: "The Pikachu Illustrator is one of the rarest and most highly coveted Pokémon cards in the world.

"Only 39 were given out to Illustration contest winners in 1998, and this was a purchase for the only one in the world that has been graded a perfect 10."

Not to say he hasn't been looking after it, but you're probably thinking the card is stored away somewhere safe and secure - not quite.

Paul wore the card around his neck ahead of his Wrestlemania fight, even showing it off as he entered the ring. He went on to win his first WWE event, earning plaudits from fans (through gritted teeth from some, I'm sure).

He said: "I applied for so many records and the fact that I finally got one after my first [WWE] win ever? I come back to the locker room and I get a second win right away?

"I love Pokémon and the fact that it’s been validated with Guinness World Records - this is crazy. Tonight’s a wild night. This does not feel real!"

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Featured Image Credit: @loganpaul/Instagram/Alamy

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