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911 call reveals Lisa Marie Presley’s housekeeper tried to direct paramedics to her home

911 call reveals Lisa Marie Presley’s housekeeper tried to direct paramedics to her home

Elvis Presley's only daughter passed away on 12 January

A recording of the 911 call made after Lisa Marie Presley was found unconscious has revealed how her housekeeper desperately attempted to get paramedics to her home.

The only child of Elvis Presley was rushed to West Hills Hospital and Medical Center in California on 12 January after suffering a suspected cardiac arrest, but sadly could not be saved and passed away at the age of 54.

Her mother, Priscilla Presley, later confirmed the 'devastating news that [her] beautiful daughter Lisa Marie has left us', but gave no details about the cause of death in her initial statement.

Now, a recording of the 911 call obtained by The New York Post reveals the exchange Lisa Marie's housekeeper had with a dispatcher after she found the 54-year-old unconscious at her home in Calabasas.

Lisa Marie passed away at the age of 54.
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The operator asked the housekeeper to state the address of the emergency, but she appeared to struggle to provide a clear address as she sought frantically to get help for Lisa Marie.

The dispatcher attempted to determine the closest street to Lisa Marie's home, saying: "The closest street on the corner — is it Provence Drive?"

The exchange resulted in some confusion between the two speakers as the housekeeper tried to explain the house was located in Calabasas, adding: "I really don’t know."

“Ma’am, is there someone else there with you right now?” the responder asked after some back-and-forth, after which the housekeeper handed the phone to a man, believed to be Lisa Marie's ex-husband Danny Keough.

Keough, who lived at the home with Lisa Marie, was told the paramedics were already on their way. The dispatcher asked whether there was anything they'd need to gain access to the home, to which Keough explained: "No, there’s a security gate in the neighbourhood, but they’ll just let them through."

Lisa Marie is set to be buried at Graceland.
PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

Keough reportedly attempted to perform CPR until EMTs arrived, and he could be heard on the call telling the dispatcher when he thought they were at the home. The 911 call was made at 10:37am local time on 12 January.

In a statement to CNN, Sarah Ardalani, spokesperson with the LA County Dept. of Medical Examiner-Coroner, said Lisa Marie's cause of death was deferred by the coroner after she was examined on 14 January.

"Deferred means that after an autopsy, a cause of death has not been determined and the medical examiner is requesting more investigation into the death, including additional studies," the spokesperson continued.

"Once the tests/studies come back, the doctor evaluates the case again and makes the cause of death determination."

Following her death, Lisa Marie is set to be buried near her father at Elvis' home of Graceland, Tennessee.

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