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People have worked out Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend who he'll dump when he's 72 will be born this year

People have worked out Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend who he'll dump when he's 72 will be born this year

If Leonardo DiCaprio sticks to his rule of not dating women older than 25, the girlfriend he'll dump when he's 72 will be born this year.

People have worked out that if Leonardo DiCaprio keeps up his current trend of not dating women over 25, then the girlfriend he dumps when he's 72 will have been born this year.

The 47-year-old Hollywood star recently broke up with 25-year-old girlfriend Camile Morrone just a few months after her birthday, to the surprise of absolutely nobody.

People totally called this dumping as they're well aware of DiCaprio's track record when it comes to relationships.

While he used to be the subject of memes and jokes over not winning an Oscar, which he finally did for The Revenant, now the jokes are all about how he keeps getting older and his girlfriends stay the same age.

Some enterprising souls have even crunched the numbers, confirming that none of the star's major relationships have lasted beyond his girlfriend turning 25, with half of them not even making it that far.

Others have pointed out that if he doesn't change his ways at some point, then 25 years down the line he'll be dumping a girlfriend who was born this year.

Back when he was 25 himself in 1999, his newly ex-girlfriend Camila would have been two, and plenty of people have taken to social media to mock DiCaprio's dating trend.

One joked that his next girlfriend will have pretty much 'fully missed his teen heartthrob era' and would now know him as the guy from The Revenant.

Someone else pointed out that with Titanic turning 25 this year, DiCaprio 'will no longer want to be in it'.

Others were a little more worried at the DiCaprio's dating trend of never having a girlfriend older than 25, with some saying it was 'alarming' and 'super disturbing' that not once had he been in a relationship with someone older than that.

As for why Leo supposedly ditches his girlfriends once they turn 25, someone claiming to be close to the Hollywood icon said once women reached a certain age what they wanted out of a relationship began to change.

They said once women reached 25 they started 'looking to get married and settle down', whereas that's apparently 'not what Leo wants', claiming he 'does not want a family' and 'does not want to be around women who may press him for that'.

Over his eight confirmed partners, Morrone is the fourth he's split with after turning 25 and the age gap between him and his girlfriends has been steadily growing.

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