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People predicted Leonardo DiCaprio’s split with girlfriend back in June

People predicted Leonardo DiCaprio’s split with girlfriend back in June

Leonardo DiCaprio has split up with his girlfriend, and people are noticing a rather worrying trend

Leonardo DiCaprio has split up with girlfriend Camila Morrone in a move it seems like the entire internet saw coming.

Back in June when Morrone turned 25, pretty much everyone was making the same joke that her days as DiCaprio's girlfriend were numbered.

Well, just over a couple of months later they've turned out to be right, and it looks like people have picked up on a worryingly clear trend with DiCaprio's dating life.

People correctly predicted the split was coming as the actor has gained a reputation for not dating women over 25.

In fact, he's so consistent with dating women aged 25 and under that all of those predictions people made look more like safe bets than anything else.

DiCaprio ditching his girlfriends once they turn 25 has become so regular that people have actually gone and crunched the numbers behind his dating habits.

One of the charts they made tracked the ages of his partners and found that not one of them had stayed with the Hollywood star beyond the age of 25, not once throughout his 47 years on this planet.

The chart also mentioned that when Leo turned 25 back in 1999 his now-ex Camila would only have been two years old at the time.

Morrone is now the fourth of DiCaprio's eight confirmed partners he's split up with once she turned 25, and the 23 year age gap between them is the largest of his life.

Lots of people are taking to social media to point out the concerning trend about the star's love life.

One person wrote that it was 'incredibly strange that the man is so allergic to dating anyone older than 25', while another said the only three certainties in life were death, taxes and 'Leonardo DiCaprio breaking up with his girlfriend when she turns 25'.

Someone else said they 'need to know' how DiCaprio goes about breaking up with his girlfriends and wondered 'does he start picking fights months before they turn 25'.

Others started pointing out that if the trend continues his next girlfriend could be someone who was born this millennium, which is a strange thought.

Plenty of people piled in with jokes which could probably be dusted off and used again in the next few years.

Meanwhile, someone else saw the positive side of dating DiCaprio as 'you don't have to worry about the future or divorces' which can be treated as a 'fling' which you know will end.

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