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Leah Remini Explains What Scientologists Do To 'Suppressive People'

Leah Remini Explains What Scientologists Do To 'Suppressive People'

Leah Remini explains what Scientologists allegedly do to those considered Suppressive People.

Leah Remini has explained what Scientologists allegedly do to those considered 'Suppressive People'.

The King of Queens star was a Scientologist herself until she famously left the church back in 2013.

Since then the star has been vocal about her experience as part of the church and has even condemned other famous members, including Tom Cruise.

Now, footage has resurfaced of Leah being interviewed by Larry King, in which she explains what happens to 'Suppressive People'.

For those not clued in on Scientology 101: "To be declared a Suppressive Person is extremely rare and results in expulsion from the Scientology religion."

To be considered a Suppressive Person, one must commit Suppressive Acts, which include the act of 'publicly renouncing the faith' as the church explains.

So, what's the response to Suppressive People? Well, according to Leah's claims, it's pretty harsh.

Leah spoke to Larry King about leaving the church.
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Larry asked Leah what happens when someone tries to leave Scientology, to which she explains the church has 'a policy called fair game', though this was cancelled. As Leah explains: "They, in fact, did issue another policy that says fair game has been cancelled however there's another policy that says, however, dealing with suppressive people remains the same, dealing with suppressive people means to go after them try to destroy their lives."

And that's not even half of it, because as Leah goes on to explain, the church on to 'try to find any crimes they've committed, expose them, exposed them hard'. She adds: "You can lie about them, they have Scientologists picketing in front of people's houses going 'don't trust your neighbour', implying that he's a sexual deviant, they go after your jobs and when that doesn't work they go after your family." 

Leah isn't the only person to have made disparaging claims about the church.

Back in 2009, Scientologists Claire and husband Marc Headley filed a court case against the Church of Scientology, alleging that the organisation had violated human trafficking laws and human rights.

Their case was dismissed after the courts decided the Church of Scientology was protected by 'ministerial exemption', a legal doctrine in US law that protects religious institutions.

However, Leah remains vocal about her ties to the church and recently accused Tom Cruise of 'crimes against humanity'.

"Don’t let the movie star charm fool you," she wrote on Twitter.

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Featured Image Credit: Larry King/YouTube/Andrew Walters/Alamy Stock Photo

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