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Kylie Jenner Compared To Meg From Family Guy In Met Gala Outfit
Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Disney

Kylie Jenner Compared To Meg From Family Guy In Met Gala Outfit

After 'camp' and 'heavenly bodies', this year's Met Gala theme was 'Gilded Glamour and White Tie'.

Kylie Jenner's bridal turnout at the Met Gala has been likened to Meg Griffin from Family Guy.

Coming after the likes of 'camp' and 'heavenly bodies', this year's Met Gala theme was 'Gilded Glamour and White Tie', off the back of Andrew Bolton’s two-part exhibition 'In America: An Anthology of Fashion'.

The theme harkens back to a time of prosperity, industrialisation and growth in the US between 1870 to 1890. What does that actually mean? Ruffles, puffy shoulders and fashion in the flair of The Age of Innocence.

As celebrities descended upon the red carpet, everyday folks and commentators gave their verdicts on the outfit decisions.

Obviously, Blake Lively emerged as this year's winner by quite some distance, followed by Vanessa Hudgens and Genesis Camila Suero, the latter of whom being a reporter who obliterated the vast majority of the competition.

When it comes to the men, most seemed to stick to the tried-and-tested tux formula, with a few exceptions: Stormzy rocked up with an incredible white cape; and MCU star Sebastian Stan wore a hot pink suit.

Then, there's those who didn't seem to understand the theme, or didn't really live up to the hype, whether it's Ben Platt, Camila Cabello or, on this occasion, Kylie Jenner

The 24-year-old makeup mogul turned up in an extravagant wedding dress and baseball cap. The overall reception to her outfit hasn't been positive, but some have compared it to Family Guy – including the show's official Twitter account.

Others have jumped on the bandwagon, with one writing: "If Meg Griffin was a real person she’d be Kylie Jenner."

Another wrote: "Do not disrespect Meg any more than you do on the show." A third wrote: "You disrespect her on the show and off it too?? So unfair to Meg."

Among the other criticisms, with some claiming it 'had to be a social experiment', one wrote: "Imagine being at the Met and having to be like omg Kylie baby you look so good!"

Another tweeted: "Kourtney and Kylie deserve federal prison for their Met Gala attire. Heinous." A third wrote: "No because I need to know who told Kylie it was a good idea to wear a snap back veil who is sabotaging her and why."

A fourth wrote: "Kylie literally did a whole Harper’s Bazaar shoot that would have been perfect inspo and she really turned up in that.. off white did her dirty."

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