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Khloé Kardashian hits back and denies photoshopping Instagram photo of herself

Khloé Kardashian hits back and denies photoshopping Instagram photo of herself

The reality star took issue with claims she had tampered with the picture

Khloé Kardashian has denied photoshopping an Instagram photo of herself.

The reality star took to Twitter yesterday (4 October) to try and put the record straight after it was claimed that she had shared an altered pic of herself earlier that day.

In the photo, Khloé is seen wearing a black skin-tight outfit, with some people questioning whether it had been tampered with – and the image was later removed.

At first, she appeared to try and shift blame onto her 'team', saying that she didn't even post the snap.

She wrote: "I never even posted this photo. Maybe my glam did but I didn't. Also I mean.... The bent lines in the back lol please."

However, Khloé then did a bit of a u-turn on that explanation, saying she wasn't trying to claim that a member of her team did in fact edit the photo

"Wait not sayin' my glam did that either I'm just saying I didn't post this photo on my page. Where's the receipts that I did lol people are so weird," she added.

It's safe to say that not everyone believed her, though.

"Why are you pretending like you don’t photoshop?" asked one.

Though lots of her fans came to her defence, saying the claims were utter rubbish.

One user said: "Haters gonna hate." Another chipped in: "You are perfect!!!"

The Kardashian denies tampering with the photo.

"You are so beautiful, Koko. Don't care about them, you already know the internet is treacherous," commented a third.

Following her denial, an Instagram account called @problematicfame slammed Khloé for 'lying'.

In a post to its Stories, the account said: "It's so insane to me that Khloé continues to say that she doesn't excessively photoshop.

"I truly hope she finds self-love, because this amount of photoshop is horrifying.

"Khloé... there are pictures of it on your feed. this level of lying and gaslighting is insane, wow. I hope she's doing okay because this isn't normal."

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Featured Image Credit: Khloé Kardashian/Instagram

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