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Katie Holmes says she wants to 'protect' Suri in rare interview about 16-year-old daughter
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Katie Holmes says she wants to 'protect' Suri in rare interview about 16-year-old daughter

The Batman Begins actor has given a rare interview about her daughter, Siri, who Holmes shared with ex-husband Tom Cruise.

Katie Holmes has spoken up about wanting to ‘protect’ her now-sixteen-year-old daughter, Suri, in a rare interview.

The Logan Lucky actor shares her daughter with her former husband, Tom Cruise, and the family were subjected to intense media scrutiny.

Since separating from the Mission Impossible star, Holmes has tried to keep her only child out of the spotlight saying that she’d been ‘so visible’ as a toddler.

Katie Holmes had stayed away from the spotlight for a few years.
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Holmes is understandably anxious given her sudden stardom after landing the role in teen drama, Dawson’s Creek.

It was easy for her to identify with her character, Joey Potter, as Holmes was just 19, when filming began back in 1997.

Reflecting on her iconic role, she told Glamour that she’d been too focused on her career and fame hadn’t had the same impact as it had done on her daughter.

“When we were doing Dawson’s Creek and it was successful, I remember really wanting to grow as an actor and not just do things to capitalize on the moment,” Holmes told the magazine, adding: “I wanted to learn from other people.”

However, the Batman Begins actor wasn’t quite so lucky during her time with Tom Cruise.

In fact, the press hounded Holmes amidst her marriage to the Top Gun actor with new images of her daughter being published almost daily.

Wanting to protect her child, she had a brief career hiatus and only took cameo roles until 2011 - appearing in shows like How I met your mother.

Holmes was subjected to intense media attention after separating from Tom Cruise.

Now stepping back in the spotlight, the actor reflected on her new film, Rare Objects, and life as a single mother.

Having been so targeted by the paparazzi, Holmes admitted that she just wants to ‘protect’ her daughter Suri – who she has an incredibly close bond with.

"What has been really important for me with my daughter, because she was so visible at a young age, is I really like to protect her," she admitted, saying: "I’m very grateful to be a parent, to be her parent. She’s an incredible person."

Mum and daughter have worked together on several films.
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In fact, the pair are so close that they often work together on films.

Suri can even be heard on the soundtrack for Rare Objects, which is the third film Holmes has directed.

"I hope she always does something on my films. I always ask her," she gushed, as the actor-turned-director spoke about her daughter.

She told the press: “That’s how I like to work. I like to have that kind of feeling. It was very meaningful to me to have her there because she's my heart."

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