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Julia Fox's Pronunciation Of 'Uncut Gems' Mocked In Viral Clip

Julia Fox's Pronunciation Of 'Uncut Gems' Mocked In Viral Clip

Julia Fox's pronunciation of Uncut Gems causes a stir on TikTok

Julia Fox's pronunciation of the film title Uncut Gems during a recent interview has sent the internet into a frenzy.

While appearing on the Call Her Daddy podcast with host Alexandra Cooper, Fox gave a rather odd pronunciation of the film's title.

The interaction started when Cooper asked Fox if she considered herself to be Kanye West's muse. The actor has made headlines in recent weeks over her blossoming relationship with West, which she also spoke about on the podcast.

She said, 'Yeah, a little maybe,' before the host asked what the term 'muse' meant to her — and this is where fans noticed Fox's odd pronunciation.

Fox replied, 'I mean, I was Josh Safdie's muse when he wrote Uncut Gems.'

And this is the moment that set TikTok on fire, because it seems Fox's curious pronunciation of a film title is all anyone's talking about now.

Some said the mispronunciation even made its way into the classroom, with one user writing, 'Someone was talking about Uncut Gems in my screenwriting class today and I could not stop thinking of the way Julia Fox says Uncut Gems in this video.'

Julia Fox on Call Her Daddy (Spotify/TikTok)
Julia Fox on Call Her Daddy (Spotify/TikTok)

One said that it sounded like Fox was saying 'unca jams', while another questioned, 'Why did she say gems like that?'

A third added, 'I thought she said 'uncut jams' hahahaha.'

Some people even made their own TikToks in response to the video, saying that the clip was a real earworm.

TikToker Danielle Glanz made a video saying that Fox's pronunciation of the film title was 'the only word I've said for the past 72 hours'.

She then films herself walking around her home saying, 'Uncut gams.'

In a 2020 interview, Fox, who played Julia De Fiore in the film, claimed that the Safdie brothers had based the character on her after they had met her back in the 2010s.

When sent the script for the hit movie, which also stars Adam Sandler, Fox apparently asked, 'Have you been spying on me?'

She told the podcast host, 'There were a lot of similarities. Even in the character description, I was kind of like, ‘This is a little familiar'. It was pretty spot-on.'

Given that the character was based on her, you'd think Fox would know how to pronounce the film title, but apparently not.

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