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Johnny Depp Explains How He Got Injuries In Honeymoon Photo

Johnny Depp Explains How He Got Injuries In Honeymoon Photo

The actor returned to the stand to offer more evidence in his ongoing defamation trial with Amber Heard

Johnny Depp has explained how he got injured during his honeymoon with Amber Heard.

The actor was giving evidence once again during his multimillion dollar defamation trial with his ex-wife, which he launched over an article she wrote in 2018.

In the piece, Heard claimed she was a survivor of domestic abuse, and though Depp was not named in the piece, he has since argued it badly damaged his career.

The 58-year-old is suing Heard for $50 million, while she is countersuing him for $100m.

This week saw Depp return to the stand to answer further questions about his relationship with the Aquaman star.

And today, 25 May, he was asked about a photo of them both from their honeymoon onboard the Orient Express. In a picture that has been widely circulated, Depp can be seen with what appears to be a bruise to his face.

He said: "I had a sort of shiner, but it all ended and everything got fine again. We'd go to dinner."

Depp claims that Heard hit him, causing the injuries to his face.
Law and Crime Network

When asked how it happened, Depp replied: "Miss Heard hit me."

This is contrary to the explanation Heard gave for the apparent injuries. During her testimony, Heard said the picture was photoshopped and that it was actually her who was abused.

Referring to the photo of Depp's injury, the Pirates actor's lawyer, Camille Vasquez, told her: "This is the only photo from your honeymoon that shows someone injured."

To which Heard said: "The train trip itself was peaceful up until Johnny would start drinking brown alcohol. He'd already started drinking champagne when he wrapped on Pirates 5.

"I wasn't ready to accept we'd gone back to a pattern at all. On the last night on the train after this was taken Johnny and I got into argument about him wanting me to agree to him drinking liquor. An argument followed in our sleeping car.

"Johnny slapped me across the face and got a hold of my neck and pushed me up against the wall of the car. It was a small narrow sleeper car.

Heard says the picture is photoshopped.
Law and Crime Network

"He was standing on the floor. I was trying to get his arms off my neck and he was squeezing my neck for what felt like a very long time.

"Every time he'd pull me away from the car he'd slam me up against the wall. I remember trying to get his arms off my neck and remember thinking he could not even mean to kill me.

"I remember being scared he wouldn't even mean to do it. Clawing at him, trying to get his arms away from my neck. At one point he tripped the top of my shirt, I had a breast exposed.

"I pull at the lapel of his shirt and he rips the shirt off of him and wraps it around my neck and that's how I woke up the next morning, I woke up with it still around my neck and a giant knot in the back of my head."

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Featured Image Credit: Law and Crime Network

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