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Jim Carrey Forcefully Kissing Alicia Silverstone At Awards Show Resurfaces After Will Smith Criticism

Jim Carrey Forcefully Kissing Alicia Silverstone At Awards Show Resurfaces After Will Smith Criticism

Jim Carrey said he would have sued Will Smith if he were in Chris Rock's shoes

Footage of Jim Carrey forcefully kissing Alicia Silverstone has resurfaced after the actor criticised Will Smith for slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars.

Carrey described himself as feeling 'sickened' after witnessing the shocking altercation at this year's Academy Awards, saying if he were in Rock's shoes he would have 'announced... [he] was suing Will for $200 million'.

Following his expressions of disapproval, however, internet users discovered footage of Carrey carrying out what appeared to be an unsolicited interaction of his own at another awards ceremony 25 years ago.

See what he did below:

The footage, which has been shared online, saw a then-35-year-old Carrey arrive on stage at the 1997 MTV Movie Awards to accept an award for best comedic performance for Cable Guy.

Clueless star Silverstone smiled at Carrey as she prepared to hand over the award, but her look quickly turned to one of apparent confusion and awkwardness after the actor placed both hands on her face and forcefully kissed her on the lips.

Silverstone appeared to try and push Carrey away by placed her hand on the actor's arm as he kissed her, but the actor held firm for a moment before letting her go.

After handing over the award, Silverstone, who was just 19 years old at the time, furrowed her brow and moved to stand behind Carrey so he could make his acceptance speech.

Alicia Silverstone looked uncomfortable after Jim Carrey kissed her.

The video has received more than 3.6 million views at the time of writing (31 March), with many Twitter users accusing Carrey of being hypocritical in the way he responded to Smith.

"Holy s**t and then he has the audacity to say what he did. Alicia sue him for 200 million dollars," one person wrote.

Another responded: "Absolutely disgusting. She did not deserve this and her face says it all at the end."

In a follow-up tweet, @ycsm1n added a picture of Carrey grabbing Will Smith and sticking his tongue out towards him while Smith appeared to be pushing him away.

Alongside the image, the Twitter user wrote: "he also tried to force himself on WILL SMITH!! THE VERY SAME NIGHT!! you can't make this stuff up."

The Academy has announced it has started a 'formal review' of the altercation between Smith and Rock and which 'will explore further action and consequences in accordance with our Bylaws, Standards of Conduct and California law'.

Smith has since apologised for the incident in a statement released on Instagram.

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Featured Image Credit: CBS/MTV

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