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Jennifer Lawrence ‘violently’ vomited at No Hard Feelings event after viral Hot Ones interview

Jennifer Lawrence ‘violently’ vomited at No Hard Feelings event after viral Hot Ones interview

She'd tackled her Hot Ones segment gallantly, but things took a bad turn afterwards

Jennifer Lawrence has admitted she ‘violently’ vomited during the press junket for No Hard Feelings after her viral Hot Ones interview.

Watch what she had to say about the aftermath here:

Lawrence, 32, is currently promoting raunchy comedy No Hard Feelings, which follows a cash-strapped woman called Maddie as she is hired by a pair of rich parents to date their 19-year-old son.

They enlist her to seduce their ‘unf**kable’ son Percy, in a bid to see he has sex before he heads off to college.

No Hard Feelings.
Sony Pictures

While doing press for the new movie, Lawrence was invited to appear on Hot Ones - an American YouTube talk show hosted by Sean Evans - who interviews celebrities as they attempt to work their way through rounds of increasingly spicy chicken wings.

While the star performed respectably during the segment, when she reached the wing covered in a hot sauce called Da Bomb Beyond Insanity, she soon reached for the water pitcher, fanning herself as tears began to stream.

“Nothing helps!” she said though pained laughter.

“I’m drooling so much. Is my face OK?”

Lawrence tackling the hot sauce called Da Bomb Beyond Insanity.
YouTube/First We Feast

But it turns out the reaction did not end when the cameras stopped rolling, as Lawrence revealed she was ‘violently’ sick later in the day.

Speaking to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, she said: “I passionately threw up after. Violently.

“I made it upstairs to my suite. My holding suite.”

Lawrence had been taking part in a number of press ops that day as part of the junket for No Hard Feelings.

“We shot at the Four Seasons downstairs,” she said, adding: “My stomach gave me, like, eight minutes to get upstairs and then she… She… [vomited].”

Lawrence on Watch What Happens Live.

While the premise of the film has been met with some criticism, Lawrence’s co-star Laura Benanti – who plays Percy’s mum – said the movie is actually a satire of helicopter parents.

“It’s a cautionary tale,” she told the Hollywood Reporter.

“If you are a helicopter parent who puts your child in such a bubble, they do not know how to exist outside of that bubble, you are going to make the exact opposite and insane choice, which is what they are doing here.

“I feel like it is a very satirical look at what can happen if you do not give your children a longer leash to figure things out for themselves. Otherwise, you’re going to end up curating their life forever.”

Her on-screen husband, Matthew Broderick, also said he guessed that this was what happened with parents like that 'when a kid goes off to school’.

“It’s so frightening that they’ll be happy and they’ll make friends and they’ll take care of themselves that some parents go to any length to make that transition work,” he said.

"And it’s a hard time. I’ve been through it. But you really have to let them make it on their own. But these parents decide to mess with nature.”

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ Hot Ones/ Sony

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