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Jennifer Coolidge makes emotional awards speech after White Lotus win
Featured Image Credit: @SAGawards/Twitter

Jennifer Coolidge makes emotional awards speech after White Lotus win

Jennifer can give one hell of a speech

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that Jennifer Coolidge is a treasure who should win ALL of the awards.

The actor won big at Sunday night's SAG awards, taking home the award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series, thanks to her performance in HBO's White Lotus.

Jennifer, 61, was overcome with emotion when she got up to accept the award, and held back tears - all while keeping the crowd in fits of laughter.

After being walked up to the stage by Austin Butler, Jennifer told the audience: "It's been a very special year and, you know, overwhelming.

"White Lotus and Mike White writing me this great part that went on for two seasons and just HBO giving me this, the thumbs up to let me do it."

Searching for the right words, she continued: "I just want to say... I am just so grateful, so grateful because, you know, this could be it.

"Mike White, you can give money to friends and do nice things for them, and people love money, you know? I do, whenever I can, when your friends are broke, whether you can give them money.


"But you know what, people? The best gift you can give someone is to change someone's perspective for the better and view life in a different way, and that's what Mike White did for me."

Jennifer went on to shout out her amazing parents who had an incredible gift where they found it 'impossible' to lie - almost breaking down in the moment.

The actor recalled being in first grade and being taken out of school by her father who lied once in his life to bring her to the Charlie Chaplin Film Festival.

"Having that experience, it's my love of film, it's my love of actors. All of that came from my first grade."

Getting one last big laugh from the crowd, Jennifer concluded with one final shoutout to her 'wonderful date'.

"Tim Bagley is my date tonight. He’s my best bud for like, 20 years," she shared.

"Thank you, you’re a wonderful date tonight. I can’t wait till we get home."

Jennifer got some huge laughs during her speech.

Given how many fans have fallen for Jennifer Coolidge in the last few years, the outpouring of love after her win was next level.

"So happy Jennifer Coolidge is finally getting her flowers and yet another award season win at the SAG Awards tonight," raved one viewer.

"Need someone to explain to me how Jennifer Coolidge has never been invited to the SAG Awards until tonight," added another.

Well, one thing's for sure - after that speech and phenomenal win, there's no way this'll be Jen's last SAG Awards.

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