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James Gunn has brutal response to claims he doesn’t like Henry Cavill

James Gunn has brutal response to claims he doesn’t like Henry Cavill

People are claiming James Gunn doesn't like Henry Cavill and he shut them down

James Gunn had a savage response when asked to respond to claims he doesn't like Henry Cavill amid rumours the DC universe is set for a massive shake-up.

The director hopped over from Marvel to DC to helm The Suicide Squad and has since become co-head of DC Studios alongside Peter Safran.

They are tasked with having another go at building a cinematic universe to rival the project Marvel has put together over many years, which Gunn helped build with his Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

Many reckon Gunn's job is going to be rebooting the DC cinematic universe, after previous attempts hit something of a false start, and that means some major players who've been in big superhero movies could be out of the door.

Top of the list is Henry Cavill, who has played Superman in the DC universe since debuting in 2013 film Man of Steel.

James Gunn had a savage response when asked to respond to rumours he doesn't like Henry Cavill.
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Cavill's future in the role has been uncertain for a while, even after Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson 'fought hard' to bring him back onto the big screen.

His last two appearances in the DC universe were an uncredited appearance in Black Adam and a role in Zack Snyder's recut version of Justice League, and there have been question marks over his long term future as a sequel to Man of Steel hasn't been made.

Amid the rumours some people claimed Gunn didn't like Cavill, which wouldn't bode well for the star's hopes of staying on as Superman, but the director hopped onto Twitter to say the rumour was 'false' when asked to debunk it.

The Twitter user who originally shared the claim doubled down, saying: "Even more ppl have reached out to me since you said this to tell me you really don't like him. Just saying what I heard."

Gunn did not hold back with his response.

James Gunn debunked rumours that he didn't like Henry Cavill.

He said: "So weird. You seemed so plugged in! Anyway, I just had forty people reach out to me to say you just got kicked out of your Mom’s basement. So sorry, man."

Gunn went on to say that sorting out Superman was 'a huge priority, if not the biggest priority' when it comes to his efforts with the DC universe.

As arguably the most iconic and recognisable superhero of all time, if Gunn can get Superman to work then he has a focal point for other DC movies to come.

Whether it will be Cavill in the role is another question, but the actor is a huge fan of the character and has expressed a desire to stay on.

Henry Cavill's future as Superman in the DC universe is yet to be confirmed.
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Cavill would likely be free to play Superman again, having left his leading role in Netflix show The Witcher, meaning his filming schedule is not going to be too busy to star in movies.

While Gunn said the claims he dislikes Cavill are 'false', the director has previously revealed he does actually keep a list of famous faces he won't work with.

Gunn explained that if he doesn't like an actor's temperament while working with them on set he'll try and recast them.

However, the director said he'll cut them some slack and work with them if they're having trouble playing their character, but he can tell they're giving it everything.

The warning signs for the director include actors repeatedly being 'very late' or 'unprepared' for their role, though which Hollywood stars Gunn might not wish to work with any longer remains a secret.

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