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James Earl Jones fans reassured after iconic actor trending causes anxiety

James Earl Jones fans reassured after iconic actor trending causes anxiety

Fans were worried when James Earl Jones' name started popping up all over Twitter

Fans of beloved Star Wars actor James Earl Jones have breathed a collective sigh of relief after learning why the actor started trending on Twitter this weekend.

Twitter's 'trending' section can be the source of a lot of humour and interest, but it's also responsible for millions of mini heart attacks every now and again.

Seeing the name of a beloved celebrity, especially one in their older years, appear in the section is all it takes to send fear running through the online community, with minds running rampant about why on earth they could be featured.

Fans panicked when James Earl Jones started trending on Twitter.
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It could be a shocking scandal, or worse, some bad news about their wellbeing, so when 91-year-old Jones started trending this weekend fans understandably started spiralling about the possibilities.

"James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman and Christopher Walken were all trending today. My heart-rate is way up now. But it's OK: They are all still alive," one Twitter user wrote.

Now that we've established he's still with us, allow me to explain why Jones was trending in the first place. It's not very complicated - basically, it's just because people love him.

The actor is best known for voicing Darth Vader in Star Wars and Mufasa in The Lion King, as well as racking up credits in titles such as Coming to America, Field of Dreams and The Hunt for Red October.

Twitter assured there was nothing to be worried about with an explanation for why James was trending, which explained some users had got into a debate about who would be best to do a 'dramatic reading of the affidavit authorizing the search of former president Trump's estate, if it were to be unsealed'.

Posts about James simply seemed to spread from there, with some users sharing their own reasons for loving him while others used his name in relieved posts about his safety.

One tweet reads: "I like to hear either James earl Jones or Morgan Freeman read : And the jury has found Donald Trump guilty of Count One . Treason . Count Two . Conspiracy to overthrow the 2020 election .Count three . Stealing Government property which included Top Secret documents.."

Another user wrote: "THANK YOU TWITTER for clarifying why James Earl Jones is trending, I can't afford another heart attack."

Along with a gif expressing their relief, a third tweet said: "When I see James Earl Jones trending, but it's just because people are talking about how awesome he is..."

Of all the reasons to start trending on Twitter, being a generally cool person is up there with the best. Keep doing you, Jones.

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