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Ice-T defends wife Coco Austin after people criticize her for Fourth of July outfit

Ice-T defends wife Coco Austin after people criticize her for Fourth of July outfit

Ice-T hit back at all the haters who called his wife out for her Fourth of July outfit

Ice-T has come out in defense of his wife after she was criticized for her 4th July outfit.

Yesterday, the country marked 247 years since it shook off the yoke of British imperialism and went its own way.

Across the States, people marked the occasion in their own unique way, whether holding parties or enjoying a celebratory barbecue.

However, not everyone was too pleased with the attire Coco Austin wore while she observed the anniversary with a poolside post.

In a photo shared to her Instagram account, the rapper's wife can be seen wearing a white thong, heels, and a small red top, which the word 'Arizona' written across it, while holding two American flags.

Her post said: "Happy ‘4th Of July’ !! I’m celebrating in AZ.. Yes, it gets HOT outside."

And it was all a little too much for some people online, lots of who didn't appreciate the revealing get-up.

Not everyone was too happy with Coco's outfit.

Commenting on the post, someone said: "You are a mother…how do you think your daughter will feel when she sees these pictures??"

Another critic chipped in: "I can’t believe your husband is ok with you showing half of your munch and one day your kid too you beautiful you can be classy n sexy it’s time leave that in your room with your husband."

"She’s a mom! Do you want your daughter to dress like that? Think about it," put a third.

While another user wrote: "Just blows my mind you are okay with your child seeing this …. In person no less."

Enter Mr Ice-T, who was not about people coming for his wife.

Ice-T was not having it.

And rather than take it on the chin, he dived straight into the comments and started cussing people put.

Slamming the critics, the 65-year-old hit back: "If you have a Problem with Coco… Why do you still Follow her??? Weirdo s**t."

Unsurprisingly, people absolutely loved it, whipping out the popcorn to see the chaos unfold.

"It’s her hubby tearing everyone up in these comments for me," said one excited user.

Backing the rap legend, a second fan wrote: "OG !! Original Gangsta!! Happy 4th my brother."

"@icet one thing I love about you ice you’re always gonna defend your wife!!" commented someone else.

With another adding: "It’s Ice T under the comments cursing people out I’m crying. Y’all leave his wife alone, he love it that’s all that matters!"

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@coco/Lester Cohen / Contributor

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